How to Beat Alice in Persona 5 Strikers – Mad Rabbit Alice Boss Fight

Alice Hiiragi is the first boss in Personal 5 Strikers. She is tough to beat, you will have to survive two phases of battle to beat this one.

Persona 5 Striker brings the gang back on the stage, with their weird friend they are all set to travel in the minds of people and battle through their alter-ego. One of them is Alice Hiiragi, a designer who is the first boss of Persona 5 Striker. In this boss fight guide, I will help you with how to beat Alice in Persona 5 Strikers. You will have to survive two phases of this boss fight, make sure you have Ann and Morgana with you. Have one with Wind and Fire magic both. This will make the task easy. Lastly do not forget to grab some consumables.

Tips to Beat Mad Rabbit Alice

Alice Hiiragi Boss fight is divided into two parts. In the first part, you have to keep attacking her until she loses 50% of her health. She will then switch her attacks and you have to be in the battle until the entire health bar drains to 0.

Boss Fight Phase 1

Persona 5 Striker - How to beat Alice?

The first phase of the battle will be smooth. Alice is going to use a standard set of attacks to throw you off the ground. All you have to do is focus on dodging the below attacks. She will also be using projectiles so be ready for the same. But focus on these major attacks at the start.

  • Cane Attack
  • Spell Attacks
  • AOE Attacks

When you are executing an attack make sure you do not fell into the trap of Alice’s fierce movements. For every boss fight dodging at the right time is the key to reserve HP. Avoid rushing in, you will get the window to hit on the right spot to cause max damage. Try to be close and use the Fire and Wind magic attack for the best results. You will reduce the impact of the attack if you are far from the boss.

Finally, after having enough damage she will use the AOE attack, this will be next to impossible to dodge. Alice will jump and revolve around off projectiles in a random direction. You will have to maintain your speed of dodge to left and right frequently to avoid this. Your next goal is to break Alice’s attack so that she can more vulnerable.

This is going to be long and tiring, but as the first phase end be ready for a tougher second phase.  But after a certain point, it gets Alice’s move gets predictable.

Boss Fight Phase 2

Persona 5 Striker - How to beat Alice?

Draining 50% of her health will put her in the second phase of the boss fight. Alice will be angrier and her attacks will be extremely fast. Especially the slashing attacks, but the fight will be a little easier than before. You will just have to make sure you do not land in her line of attack. If you miss the dodge you will lose a massive amount of health in an instant. Make sure to cause high damage from the nearest possible area no matter what character you pick to play with.

Alice will stop for a while after getting tired, this is your window to attack with full power. Keep hitting her with Fire or Wind Magic and sometimes combining both will also help. It is necessary to be ready to dodge away if you are unable to get near. Alice will get tired in between and will freeze for a while.

With these techniques, you can beat Alice or the Mad Rabbit Alice boss in Persona 5 Striker. You will earn around 1000 EXP and approx 14k yen for winning this boss fight. Do check our guide on how to earn more points in Persona 5 Striker to level your character stats. Want to make some money in Persona 5 Striker then read this.