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How To Beat Alesis Hernandez In Dead Island 2

Does fighting Alesis Hernandez in Dead Island 2 make you gag? Don't worry here are all the tips for you to beat this boss.

Dead Island 2 has various enemies for you to fight and among them, you will need to beat Alesis Hernandez to progress the game’s story. He can be an annoying boss because his moves do caustic damage. And the fight can get over very easily if you aren’t careful. But worry not here are some tips that will help you defeat him easily.

How to Beat Alesis Hernandez in Dead Island 2

how to beat alesis hernandez in dead island 2

The best way to beat Alesis is by going behind him and spamming your attacks. He is a very vile zombie that will puke around and try to spit at you. Like the previous boss Becki the Bride, Alesis too is tanky. In fact, he is slower than her. So fighting him should be easy for the most part. But unlike her, he will use plenty of projectile attacks against you. Here are all the moves he uses in the fight and how you can counter them:

  • Puke Spray: Alesis will spray his puke around him in an arc. This stays on the ground, so not only do you have to avoid getting hit by it. But also make sure you also don’t step or walk on it. His puke contains Caustic X so, not only will it lower your HP but also buildup to hurt you over time. This attack is quite easy to avoid as you have to just back away when he is vomiting. Go from the side to get behind him and land a few hits.
  • Caustic spit: I may call this move a spit but it actually is the size of a cannonball. And to make things worse it bursts to do Area of Effect damage (AoE). So the best way to counter it is dodging multiple times and getting away from it.
  • Grab attacks: When you are within the each of Alesis he will try to grab you. Another easy attack that you can counter by simply dodging away.

After you deplete 25% of his HP other zombies will join in on this fight. So all you have to do now is fight like before while also managing the other zombies. It might sound tough but the fight is actually very easy.

I used a Katana for this fight and it got over quite fast, so try using a slashing weapon. Considering he has a fairly big hitbox you should have no problem attacking him. Another tip to chip his HP away faster is to use your Shuriken Curveball item. Landing all 3 of them on his stomach also does a lot of damage to him.

After you are done fighting him just take care of the rest of the zombies and you can be on your way to talk to Michael. If you are having trouble in this fight then I suggest you use a workbench and come back again to challenge him with better weapons. You should then have no trouble beating him!