Battlefront 2 A Great Game Clouded by Micro-Transaction Controversy – EA CEO

It is a very strong game that gamers can enjoys says CEO

EA CEO during Earning Call today shared his input on Battlefront 2 that was released in November 2017. The game was pretty hyped during the launch and many players were excited to hands on the new Star Wars story that soon felled in the well of controversy when a player found an imbalanced play-to-win model. Considering the backlash from the gaming, EA to recalled the micro-transaction model.

Andrew Wilson EA CEO said Star Wars: Battlefront II is a “Great Game” that was clouded by the controversy surrounding its micro-transaction. He acknowledged that game cause issues with the pay-to-win model that lead to its removal. Dice is still making an effort to support and improve Battlefront 2 and it is in a better place today.

Battlefront II, on balance -and it’s kind of hard to see through the mist of this–but on balance, Battlefront II was a great game,” Wilson said. “We made some missteps in the context of progression and monetization which actually clouded what was otherwise a really great game. With the ongoing commitment that the studio has had with the player community, it’s now a really strong game with the really strong player sentiment, and we expect that will continue to do well. We should have had that done at launch but we are a learning organization, and we’ve continued to support that community.

Early access players found the issue with Battlefront 2 loot boxes that can be acquired by paying money. This will affect the overall gameplay forcing the standard players to grind for hours and while others can just purchase loot boxes and progress fast. EA removed the same from public release but later Micro-transactions has added back int he forms of Cosmetics that nothing to do with the gameplay.

In coming time developer have to make sure they implement a balanced micro-transactions in the game that will boost the game revenue but with that also gives enough room for players to enjoy the challenges.

Source: Gamespot

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