EA Feeding PUBG Elements To Battlefield V – Shrinking Circles, Parachute Jump & More

Battlefield 5 Looks PUBG's Brother From Another Mother

No matter how much we ignore Battle Royale is the juiciest niche for Game Developers, and EA is getting good at it. After Apex Legends success, it looks EA wants to give a Battle Royale touch to its new baby Battlefield V Firestorm.


The trailer begins with a jump from war plane safely landing into a war zone caught in forever shrinking wildfire. This sounds like the shrinking circles of Battle Royale games like PUBG, Fortnite, Apex Legends, etc. After landing none of the team has any weapons in their hands, they have to take shelter and the fireworks begin.


Next awesome thing is to a combination of Battlefield mechanism with Battle Royale, for example adding a Air Strike to call destruction from the sky. The next scene introduces the vehicle, a tractor attached with anti-tank gun, a old-school chopper, amphibious vehicle, tanks and more.


Finally the shrinking wildfires that destroys everything in its path, and last but not the least a silly weapon like a shovel used by the soldier to fight a enemy with weapon, similar to PUBG frying pan. You can watch the full trailer below and tell us does it remind you of something similar or we are just hallucinating.


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