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Battlefield V Brings The Pacific War This Halloween

Battlefield V has done an amazing job of recreating World War II scenarios in the game, and the next update will bring the fight of the Pacific to the game. The war contested between American and Japanese forces was one of the most legendary battles ever recorded in human history.

At a time when the entire world was at war, American and Japanese forces were on the opposing sides and the next update aptly titled, ‘War in the Pacific’ gives a glimpse as many soldiers lost their lives on either side.

You will get the chance to battle on all three frontiers which include land, air, and sea and the map is designed in a way that will give team members on both sides a visual recount as to how the war transpired.

As the trailer shows you will have tunnels to go through, take to the air, and sea. This free update will certainly get a lot of history buffs to the game. Battlefield V has been recreating war moments successfully and it is working in their favor.

The update War in the Pacific will be releasing on 31st October, which will give Halloween lovers another option to be excited for the day. Battlefield V developed by EA is available for PC, Xbox One and PS4.