You Could Soon Enter a Battle Royale Mode In Battlefield V

A lot of game developers have added the Battle Royale mode to their game as the genre got famous in the last couple of years and fans have been waiting for the mode to be made available in Battlefield V as it seems like the perfect game to have it.

The mode which is scheduled to be released in the Spring of 2019, may just come a bit sooner than expected as a Redditor got the mode in the daily order challenge.


Though completing this challenge will be a bit difficult as it says in the image, you will need 500 points to complete the challenge and the mode will feature up to 64 players at a single time in teams of 4.

Imagining a World War II scenario in a Battle Royale seems to be like romanticizing the events that happened so many years ago, a lot of sacrifices were made and this might help people give a clear image of how it was back then during the darkest days the world had seen.

Along with tanks are also going to be a part of the game, so it will be fun to battle with tanks and bring a squad of soldiers with you out on the battlefield.

Update: Apparently the tutorial for the Battle Royale Mode titled Firestorm has been leaked, you can check the video down to understand how the mode works

Battlefield V is available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One

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