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Battlefield Bad Company Remaster Canceled; Battlefield 6 Will Feature A Modern Setting – Rumor

Battlefield: Bad Company has been remastered according to recent reports. But that’s not the only rumor about Electronic Arts games that reached us today.

During the course of the night, the US Publisher Electronic Arts used the in-house EA Play 2020 live event to present various titles. Among other things, UFC 4 and NHL 21 were not shown, which have recently been repeatedly associated with an approaching unveiling.


After it was officially confirmed later today that NHL 21 should be presented soon, Gamesbeat journalist Jeff Grubb announced in a tweet that EA Sports UFC 4 is indeed under development. A corresponding leak caused the corresponding rumors a few days ago.


Grubb also had something to tell about the future of the Battlefield series. For once, he noted that Battlefield 6, which is currently scheduled for release in late 2021, will come with a modern setting. Furthermore, a remaster for Battlefield: Bad Company is said to have been in development. However, according to Grubb, the new edition was canceled for reasons not specified.

A new Skate was among the titles announced at the EA Play Live 2020 event. Even though EA pointed out in the course of the announcement that the development has only just started, it has been said to have had internal discussions about a possible return of the skateboarding series for quite some time.

In conclusion, Grubb would like to have learned that Electronic Arts and EA Sports would like to develop their own golf titles again. However, no specific details were given. In any case, we should take Grubb’s information with due precaution because of the lack of comment from Electronic Arts.