EA Confirms Battlefield 6 Is “Progressing Very, Very Well”

Even if Battlefield V caused divided opinions and was not as expected by fans of the series, the franchise still stands and now that support for its recent installment has ended, efforts have been focused on the following project. Although details are not yet known about Battlefield 6, everything seems to indicate that things are on the right track, as revealed by a manager of Electronic Arts.

During the presentation of the financial report of EA, Andrew Wilson, CEO of the company, discussed a few words to the development of the new Battlefield, which is expected to release by 2021on new generation consoles, that is, PS5 and Xbox Series X.

In that sense, Wilson began by congratulating the DICE team for having responded appropriately to the changes in the development process caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and assured that the team maintained the positive inertia that it had during the development of the next Battlefield.

That said, Wilson referred to the development of the next installment in the war franchise of EA by stating the following: “Battlefield is progressing very, very well. We’re excited by what the team’s doing. And again, in the context of the work-at-home environment, they have been truly inspirational in how they have continued to develop great entertainment in the context of our Battlefield universe. So, I’m excited for when next year comes.”

As you can see, we do not know anything about Battlefield 6 at the moment, though the fact that it is still in development and the title will be released sometime next year. The setting, plot of the game, and even on which consoles it will release, nothing is known so far. We can only be sure that it will launch both on the next-gen consoles of PS5 and Xbox Series X and also current-gen consoles of PS4 and Xbox One though.