Battlefield 6 Announcement Teased By DICE in Cryptic Videos

In particular, there is a possibility that the announcement of Battlefield 6 will take place during the upcoming Showcase event for PlayStation 5.

Every year since 2015, EA has released a new game from the Swedish developer DICE in the fall, alternating between episodes of Star Wars Battlefront and Battlefield. As things stand, 2020 appears to be breaking this pattern, but anticipations from the Battlefield Twitter account suggest that an announcement of a possible Battlefield 6, or something similar, could come very soon.

The rumors began last week in a video uploaded by Battlefield YouTuber JackFrags. The video was mostly about the fifth installment of the franchise, but ends with the camera zooming in on a pocket watch. This bizarre ending was recognized by DICE’s Niklas Astrand, who replied, “Tick tick tick…”: this seems to suggest that the pocket watch is a reference to the Battlefield 6 announcement.

Meanwhile, a mysterious Twitter account has recently appeared online, and this contains a bizarre cryptic video inside that features a numeric code recently tweeted by a DICE developer. The video also contains music that, as fans have discovered online, can be played backward to match the radio chatter of Battlefield 3.

The hypotheses are many: we start from the possibility that the company will bring the franchise back into a modern war context, up to talking about a remaster of some kind, perhaps linked to the third chapter, much appreciated and loved by most of the players.

As for where the announcement might take place, one possibility that comes to mind is the PlayStation 5 Games Showcase event on Wednesday, September 16.