Battlefied 5 Dataleak Shows A New Game Mode And Much More

Prasad More
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DICE seems to be in shambles as new data leaks reveal information about new games modes and many more about Battlefield 5.

Redditor u/temporyal determined and revealed the upcoming mode that is about to be released in due time and you can get more info by reading the notes below.

Battlefield 5 Leaked Information

5v5 Competitive Game Mode

Objectives in this mode are usually Capture Flags, Raid Caches, or Plant or Defuse Bombs

Respawns are often limited (depending on the game mode) but you can always squad spawn in by spending your team’s requisition

Medics are able to revive squad members even if they were taken out by a melee attack from behind

Only two trails for the scout commandos grant “unrevivable” kills (Ambush Kill / Stopping Power Headshot)

Spotting will play a more essential role as it is (alongside with other general things) taught by a tutorial mission

Blinding enemies with flashbangs (Captain) or tear gas (Panzerbüchse 39) are a new gameplay element

New 5v5 Game Mode Example

Here is a quick overview for one of the 5v5 game modes called “Holdout” (the one from my initial post where you raid caches has another name – I messed that up).

Attacking Team: “Take the objective or eliminate the enemy. The defenders have limited respawns and earn points while they hold the objective.”

Defending Team: “Defend the objective until the end. You only have one life and you earn points for holding the objective as long as possible. ”

Defenders only get one life per sector, but they can spend requisition to squad spawn on a teammate. Defenders only earn points if no attacker is contesting the point.


In 5v5 each team has to choose Doctrines / Special Forces which come with a focus on Objectives, Teamwork or Aggressive Tactics and unique bonuses

All players then select their preferred subclass (called “Commando” or “Kit”) which features two unique traits

Doctrine and Commandos should, therefore, complement each other

You can change your commando at any time during the game and rank each one up (Proficiency I-II, Mastery I-II)

Commando Traits

Due to the lack of commando descriptions I’ve simply added a combination of lines for the Proficiency and Mastery ranks.

Raid Leader (Captain)

“To prove yourself as a Raid Captain you need to demonstrate the ability to think quickly in combat situations. A master Raid Captain strikes quickly and decisively, and leads their team with a sure hand.”

357 MAGNUM: Specialization Tree unlocks on your Sidearm that makes it accurate, powerful, and quick to draw.

ON MY MARK: Allies near your flashbang gain an agility boost for 5 seconds after it detonates.

Control Leader (Captain)

“Time to learn the ins and outs of the battlefield – your team is relying on you. An experienced Control Captain demonstrates complete command and control of the battlefield.”

SIXTH SENSE: Sixth sense alerts you 3 seconds after you have been detected. Can only alert you once every 20 seconds.

SHARED SENSE: You grant allies within the radius of your spotting flare the sixth sense ability.

Support Leader (Captain)

Note: There is currently no data on the “Support Captain” available.

Range Assault (Assault)

“Learn to rain destruction on your enemies from afar. Pinpoint accuracy and superior firepower are the name of the day for Range Assaults.”

GAS BULLET: Panzerbüchse 39 bullets contain a tear gas capsule that blinds enemies in a small radius around the shot’s impact.

MINEFIELD: Deploying a mine deploys four mines in a circle around the initial mine

Saboteur (Assault)

“Learn to set charges and set them off – and maybe get out alive. A Saboteur should never be underestimated – never turn your back on them.”

OUT WITH A BANG: Detonate a dynamite charge on yourself when the man down ends.

Note: the Second trait is missing.

Shock Assault (Assault)

“Hit fast and hard, but try not to blow yourself up. Only peerless attackers qualify as Shock Assaults – through aggressive tactics and superior firepower.”

HEAL ON KILL: You instantly restore 30% of your health when you kill an enemy.

FIVE BULLET DEATH PUNCH: When you have 5 or fewer bullets in your weapon, your melee attacks will always perform a takedown.

Combat Medic (Medic)

“Sometimes a bandage and some covering fire are all you need to win the day. True Combat Medics stop at nothing to reach teammates in need.”

HEALTH STASH: Your allies are able to retrieve Medical Pouches directly by interacting with you.

NEEDLE SHARPSHOOTER: You revive players instantly when using the Syringe.

Trauma Surgeon (Medic)

“Life and death – both are the trade of the Trauma Surgeon. The best Trauma Surgeons can bring people back from the brink of death.”

ADRENALINE: After reviving an ally, you and the revived ally sprint faster for a short duration.

INCOMING MEDIC: Your smoke grenades will slow the bleeding of downed allies within their radius for the duration of the smoke.

Combat Engineer (Support)

“The Combat Engineer can build and destroy with the best of them. The Combat Engineer is a master of destruction, construction, and reconstruction.”

SPECIAL BLUEPRINTS: You can construct searchlights and reinforced doors.

COOL CALM: Kills or Kill Assists reset the overheat on the Deploy-able MMG.

Grenadier (Support)

“Forget weapons and ammo – try grenades and launchers. Raining death from above (and everywhere else ) is the Grenadier’s specialty.”

TWO FOR ONE: You throw an additional grenade when you throw back grenades.

HOMECOOKED: Grenades can be cooked and you start with 2 additional grenades.

Gunner (Support)

“You’ll need to master every weapon there is to become a Gunner. Bristling with weapons, a Gunner can resupply you – or just take care of the job for you.”

LINKED AMMUNITION: While deployed your reserve ammo pool is added to the ammo in your weapon.

ADJUSTABLE BIPOD: The bipod can be deployed while crouching in addition to while prone or on cover.

Combat Sniper (Scout)

“A quick shot and a steady hand will serve you well here. The Combat Sniper is a master of up close and personal combat and long range engagements.”

STOPPING POWER: Your headshots with Bolt-Action rifles leave your victims un-revivable.

STRAIGHT PULL BOLT: You do not need to zoom out between shots, allowing for rapid follow-up shots.

Infiltrator (Scout)

“To make it as an Infiltrator, you have to learn to see and not be seen. They’ll never see you coming.”

AMBUSH KILL: Players killed from behind or the side are unrevivable and are not marked on the enemy’s map.

MAKE THEM SQUEAL: Melee takedowns are replaced with interrogation takedowns which mark the enemy’s entire squad on the map.

Tactician (Scout)

“Only the team’s Captain’s have a stronger grasp of the battlefield. Tacticians are always a few steps ahead – until they’re behind you with a knife in your back.”

TWO PLACES AT ONCE: When you are spotted, the last place you were spotted is also marked on the enemies’ map.

K BULLET: Your weapons have increased bullet penetration and damage to enemies behind objects.

Upcoming (limited) Game Modes


“Fortress is a Weekly Experience that uses 64-player Breakthrough as a base. Every aspect of the mode and the maps have been tuned to deliver the fantasy of a castle siege. The mad charge of advancing attackers on a fortified stronghold – or the desperate last stand of the defenders.”

Variation of Breakthrough on three maps (so far)

Devastation: Take or defend the Cathedral

Hamada: Take or defend the Fort

Rotterdam: No data available right now


“Spread the word and find new recruits. In Outpost, you’ll secure and build objectives to ensure your team assembles enough soldiers to endure through the fight.”

Appears to be a form of “Conquest” but without flags

Instead, you have to build and defend “Radio Towers” to earn recruits, score, and requisition

Radio towers can be upgraded for faster point accumulation but (in contrast to flags in Conquest) don’t serve a spawn locations

Scouts and their spawn beacons are therefore a very nice asset for your squad

If you want to conquer an Outpost you have to destroy the enemy radio tower and build your own after that

Exact winning conditions are unclear so far (recruits)

Available for a limited time beginning June 6th


“All out warfare: Defend your resources and destroy the enemy resources. Destroy enemy resources while protecting your own. Eliminate enemy troops and resources to win.”