Battlefield 5 New Mercury Map Brings The Chaos Of Stunning Mediterranean Sea

Time to turn the tides

Battlefield 5 gets the latest update a new brand new Mercury map that reveals the chaos of Mediterranean sea blended into a striking environment where the sea breeze is filled with tension and tragedies. Mercury Map is based on World War 2 Event of Operation Mercury, it is releasing as a free update for Battlefield 5 on May 30, 2019. the map will be part of Chapter 3 Trial by Fire. Mercury is a medium-large size map with five capture points.

Mercury Map Overview:

Based on the events of Operation Mercury in 1941, this map lets you deploy on the coast of Crete where the British take on the invading German forces. Gameplay-wise, Mercury is all about verticality, all-out war, and asymmetrical vehicle forces; British troops have tanks and only a small number of planes while Germans will control the skies. Leverage the rocky slopes for intense vertical gameplay and close quarters gameplay.


  • Infantry
  • Aircraft
  • Vehicles


  • Medium-Large


  • Moderate-Fast

Mercury features different kind of playstyles where players will be riding their tanks and defending their position from enemies. Pro players who know a lot about battlefield will see from Battlefield 1942, Battlefield 4 and Battlefield 1. With five key areas to capture the battle takes place between scenic olive groves and radar tower. The list of five capture points is listed below.

  • Cove
  • Poulos House
  • Radar Sites
  • Village
  • Marina

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