Battlefield 5 Free DLC For Halloween Available Now

The shooter Battlefield 5 is now also available in the form of the so-called Definitive Edition, which includes numerous additional content. Furthermore, the developers of DICE provided free skins for Halloween.

In the past few days, we have already been able to tell you about the numerous Halloween events and the related content that have been made available for the leading online titles. A few hours ago, the people in charge at DICE followed suit and announced that fresh skins are available with immediate effect, with which you can celebrate Halloween in the first-person shooter Battlefield 5.

For example, all players who log in by November 4, 2020, will receive the Dead of Night Panzer IV skin. In addition, all owners of Battlefield 5 can enjoy the Splattered skin for the following weapons: Sturmgewehr 1-5, Tromboncino, KE7, and the Gewehr M95/30.

Anyone who has not yet purchased Battlefield 5 and would like to catch up on the shooter will be offered a corresponding incentive in the form of the Definitive Edition, which is now available. In addition to the main game, all previously published weapons and vehicles are on board – including the bazooka and the shock mine.

A look at the following overview reveals which other content is offered as part of the Battlefield 5: Definitive Edition:

  • All Elite Soldiers – Bring personality to the battlefield – with Elite Soldiers like Seamus who have distinctive looks, personalities, and melee weapons.
  • 84 outfit variations – Expand your WWII sandbox with outfits like The Sandman and The Aristocrat for the British and German armies.
  • 8 Soldier Outfits from Year 2 – Including Officer and Tommy outfits.
  • 2 weapon skins from year 2 – Get the weapon skins Pacific Palm and Snakebite for 10 and 4 weapons respectively.
  • 3 vehicle optics – Give your vehicles a unique look with the optics flagship flag for the American Sherman and ready to fight for the German Panzer IV.
  • 33 Chapter Rewards from Year 1 – Get the Napalm weapon set, the German “Baron von Zorn” outfit, and more.

Battlefield 5: Definitive Edition is now available for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.