Battlefield 2042: How to Customize Your Equipment, Use Robot Dogs & More

Here's how you can customize your equipment in Battlefield 2042 and use robot dogs.

EA recently announced some new details about the specialist system in Battlefield 2042, and because of that we now know exactly how to customize equipment or weapons set in the title.

How to Customize Your Equipment in Battlefield 2042?

First of all, in Battlefield 2042, you will be able to choose from various soldiers with characteristic skills. Your choice of weapons is not restricted by your chosen specialist. The rest of the equipment can also be adjusted according to your ideas. Only the characteristics and the specialty are tied to the character, which gives you more advantages.

The slots of the customizable equipment

  1. Primary weapon
  2. Secondary weapon
  3. Equipment
  4. Throwing weapon

A suitable example was given for each slot. The M5A3 assault rifle and the G57 sidearm were named as the primary weapon and secondary weapon. When it comes to throwing weapons, you can choose from all grenades, such as the well-known frag grenade.

The accessory slot is the most interesting. For example, you can choose an ammunition box to provide for you and your teammates. If you prefer to blow up enemy vehicles, you can use the rocket launcher or another explosive weapon.

The correct choice always depends on the map and the game mode. Among other things, there will be scenarios where a rocket launcher won’t prove particularly useful. Your success in the game ultimately depends on your decisions.

In order to be able to differentiate between friend and foe among the specialists, the blue and yellow symbols have been reintroduced. Further systems are currently being tested to better identify opposing players. In addition, as in most multiplayer games, there are numerous skins to choose from in order to adapt the look of your specialist.

Out ff the ten planned specialists, four characters have been introduced so far, about which you can find out more in this article.

Robot Dogs aka Rangers can be requested by any player

The last question is about the role of robot dogs, known as rangers. EA confirmed that the rangers will not be a specialty or a feature. A ranger can be used by any player on the field. In the meantime, you have to forego other possibilities of the required system.

If you have successfully requested a ranger, he will defend you as best he can. You can give it instructions such as spying on someone else’s position. If you are discovered, you can trigger an explosion with C4 with the appropriate equipment.

Recall that Battlefield 2042 will release on consoles and PC on October 22, 2021.