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Pokemon Sword & Shield – How To Get Battle Points (BP Farming Guide)

Learn how to get Battle Points in Pokemon Sword & Shield from this guide.

Battle Points is a very valuable resource for the players in Pokemon Sword & Shield. It allows you to buy items like Mints & Held Items that can drastically change the Pokemons Stats, Nature, Abilities, etc. Although BP is such a valuable resource, it is not as easy to obtain. The worst part is it is only available towards the end of the game. So in today’s article, I will explain how to get Battle Points in Pokemon Sword & Shield. A BP Farm in Pokemon Sword & Shield if you will.

How to Get Battle Points (BP) in Pokemon Sword & Shield

battles for bp farming in pokemon sword & shield

Battle Points (BP) are only available after you have completed the game. That means to unlock it, you will have to become the Pokemon Champion in Sword & Shield by defeating the Elite 4. After you defeat them, the Battle Tower in the Far North of the game, in Wyndon, will get Unlocked. You can Fast Travel to the Battle Tower by the use of Fly. Once you reach the Battle Tower, you will be able to play Ranked Battles and through these battles is where you can get Battle Points (BP) in Pokemon Sword & Shield.

The best way to farm BP in Pokemon Sword & Shield is to climb the Ranks in Singles as well as Doubles battles and then defeat every Trainer in Singles Battle. Climbing higher in the Ranks will reward you with good stuff. Since the rewards for Singles & Doubles are separate, climb the Ranks in both to boost the amount of BP you get in Pokemon Sword & Shield. Using the Rental Teams is one of the best ways to beat the Trainers in your Battles. Those Teams are usually well-rounded and the Rain Team is by far the best Rental Team you should use.

There are a total of 5 Ranks in Battles and the higher you go, the more Battle Points you will earn. Singles Battles are the most efficient way of getting BP. You can quickly complete a Singles Battle & then go on to the next one. To make it easy, you can use Eternatus. Using him is a cheat code and it will speed up the BP Farming process in Pokemon Sword & Shield.

This was all about getting Battle Points in Pokemon Sword & Shield. Hopefully, this guide has helped you. You can also check our guides on How To Play Pokémon Sword And Shield On PC.