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Multiversus Bug: Batman Grapple Glitch Fix Available?

Here's the current update about Batman Grapple Glitch in Multiversus.

The latest free-to-play fighting game by Player First Games based on characters from the Warner Bros universe is on its way to becoming one of the most played fighting games in the world soon. You have an extensive roster with characters from DC Universe, Game of Thrones, Looney Tunes, Adventure Time, and a lot more on the way. So Batman is also part of the roster, and many players were excited to pick the character. But as a bug in the game is making him shoot right off the edges of the screen, players are abandoning Batman’s grapple altogether. So today let us look at recent updates from devs regarding the bug fix for the Batman grapple glitch in Multiversus.

Is There a Bug Fix for Batman Grapple Glitch in Multiversus Now?

Is There a Bug Fix for Batman Grapple Glitch in Multiversus Now

According to the devs, the bug fix for the Batman grapple glitch in Multiversus was given out through Patch for Open Beta V0.1 on July 26, 2022. The bug fix mentioned in the patch is “Air/Ground Side Special: Fixed a bug where Grapple would sometimes shoot you off the map”.

Compilation of Batman flying to his death from the grappling hook bug, for your amusement from MultiVersus

But even at the time of writing this article, we like many players are still facing this issue while playing with Batman. I have even lost matches that I was sure to win, due to this glitch. The glitch usually pulls you away from the map when you try to use Batman’s grapple. Hopefully, the devs take notice of this and roll out another patch. So as of now, we are sad to inform you that there is no official solution or fix for this bug yet. Meanwhile, let us look at what other players have to say on this:

When is @multiversus going to fix Batman’s grapple gun, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been teleported off the map just from accident hitting side special, grappling an enemy, and immediately losing due to this 

Tweet by @Br_o_d_y

@Tony_Huynh Multiversus is a fun game and I love to play with my friends, but since I mainly play Batman I realized that his grapple can be inaccurate and even sometimes fling you off the map? Causing you to lose games, is this intentional or a bug?

Tweet by @chitibangbang_

That’s all for the current update regarding this glitch. While you are waiting for this to get fixed, we have lots of tips & tricks covered in our Multiversus Guides for you to win the game with other characters now.