Batman Arkham Collection Exclusive For Europe Brings New Skin

Prasad More
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Amazon has leaked another release ahead of the official announcement as Rocksteady will be releasing three Batman games Batman: Arkham Asylum, Batman: Arkham City, and Batman: Arkham Knight, all packed in a single bundle.

Arkham City and Asylum are still available on the PS Store for a discounted amount and it is a great deal if you want to grab a single game instead of the entire package.

The new Batman Arkham Collection will be released only for PlayStation user in Europe and upon purchasing this, players will be awarded Batman: Arkham Knight’s promotional Earth 2 Dark Knight skin.

This is the first time players outside North America will be able to get their hands on this awesome skin which has been confirmed by Rocksteady marketing game manager Gaz Deaves.

Batman Arkham Series has been phenomenal and the narrative takes you through the career of Batman and his initiation to the end of this iconic character in the game.

Developed by Rocksteady for Warner Bros Interactive, this Arkham Series is available exclusively for PS4.

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