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Gears 5 Brings Batista Bomb To Complete Batista’s Character In The Game

We all know that WWE Legend has been a huge fan of the Gears of War series and finally got be a character in the game but it always felt a bit incomplete as you couldn’t use any of the wrestlers move in the game.

Well, that’s about to be changed as Gears 5 brings the iconic Batista Bomb in the game, now you can use Batista and deliver the Batista Bomb to the demons in Gears 5. What makes this perfect is the fact that it adds to the authenticity of the character.

The model for Batista has been crafted neatly and to near perfection in the game and since we’re getting his iconic finisher it remains to be seen if there is a chance to bring the spear in the game too.

For Gears fans, this will be a great addition when you want to finish off a kill in the game, you can simply lift them up and crash them down to their deaths with this new move.

For wrestling fans, it will be great to see one of the best wrestlers of his generation bring like likeness to a game of completely different genres and be himself and not just have his face without his moves.

You can unlock the Batista bomb in Gears 5 for free until April 18 with the Gridiron update, operation 3. Make sure that you keep checking out GamerTweak for more news about your favorite game.

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