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Basic Tricks & Tips To Play Ancestors Legacy

From basics to advance tips, its time to grab victory

Being able to control an entire army is a great feeling but you need to be well versed as to how to be able to control, order and motivate your men with proper strategy, vision, and brilliance. This guide will show you the basics of Ancestors Legacy.

What Are The Basics of Ancestors Legacy?


There are a basic few tips you need to learn to fully master your control and execute your vision in Ancestors Legacy, you will lead men of different squads and learning everyone’s strength and weaknesses will be vital in your quest.

1). Squad Types: Ancestors Legacy lets you control a troop consisting of at least 10 different squads, this means that you can have a multiple of offensive and defensive troops in your army which you can dictate their moves. Make sure that you do not let any squad get depleted completely, this will be a great loss if it does so. Send troops back to the village so that they can regroup, multiply and then come back with a vengeance when you have a better strategy.

2). Beware of Archers: Archers prove to be a great ranged troop to have in your squad as they can deal damage without the need of getting close to the enemy, but you have to keep in mind that you can hurt your own troops as well. Archers usually rain down arrows to a specific area and if your troops are present there they can get hurt too.


3). Quality over Quantity: Make that you have enough quality troops instead of having a ton of lowly skilled makeshift warriors. The better the troops the more chances you have of dominating battles in Ancestors Legacy. Upgrading your army will cost you some time but it is a time well spent, only attack when you are assured of a victory and when you have the best of troops available.

4). Heroes: Heroes can be tanks which can soak up heavy damage while inflicting a ton of their own, utilizing them properly will greatly improve your chances and these special units are great to have in your army. The best thing about them is the fact that they are easy to heal and they can also have a positive impact on other troops nearby.

5). Defenseless Settlements: If your defenses aren’t up to scratch then you will certainly be raided often, it gives your enemies the easiest possible chances to attack you. Make sure that you have archer towers set up to start the defense before the enemies get near. Raising alarms will also help you to get more troops available and your villagers will be vigilant to save themselves. Make sure that you leave at least one squad behind to defend you.


6). Squad Assigning: If you press CTRL + 1,2,3 will let you group up squads and switch between them when possible. Having control over multiple squads means that you can swiftly switch whenever possible and counter your enemies in an instant. Being alert and quick will be necessary for Ancestors Legacy.

7). Strategies: Always have a clear plan before you initiate an attack, make sure that your squad is up and ready with a good number for you to dictate. Being unprepared and undecisive will mostly result in you dealing with a great loss. Flank your enemies as often as possible to bring up more avenues of attacks.

8). Traps: Setting traps and luring your enemies to them will greatly cut down large squads in an instant. Setting up traps is cheap but knowing where to place them is invaluable. Make sure that you use each and every option available to you to attack your enemy and defend yourself. Make sure that you deploy spike traps in narrow passages.


9). Economy: If you aren’t taking care of your wealth you will not have resources needed to successfully carry out an attack as wars are costly and you will more than just your men. Having a good economy makes sure that your troops are well taken care of during the battles and are well equipped. Make sure that you find a good balance of ration and troops. Do not recruit new units if you cannot afford them.

10). Campaign: Campaigns are difficult and you will learn new things in each battle, make sure that you keep experimenting and finding a perfect strategy, a 100% victory chance sounds incredible but you will often taste defeat, learn new things and then apply them in battles at key moments to turn the war in your favor, the more you play, the more you will learn. Dealing with different types of situation will prepare you for bigger battles.

These are the basics you need to keep in mind when playing Ancestors Legacy