Goose Goose Duck The Basement Map Guide

Here's a detailed guide on the Basement map in Goose Goose Duck.

The Basement (TB) is one of the 9 maps you can play in Goose Goose Duck. Although this game is similar to Among Us, you get to be more creative with a plethora of content. For example, in this underground map, you can use the Transporter to randomly appear at a random spot. Apart from that, you will come across more interesting features of this map. So if you want to learn about it, then this guide is all you need.

Basement Map Guide in Goose Goose Duck

Hiding Locations in Basement
Hiding Locations

Before entering a map, it is crucial to know all the basic features and elements of the map. In the case of this map, the devs added special features to spice up the gameplay. We’ve mentioned them all in this Basement Guide so make sure you go through it.

  • Bell Location: You can use the Bell to call an Emergency Meeting. In this map, you will find the bell button at the Sacrificial Altar.
  • Sabotages: If you are any bird other than the Goose, then you can use Sabotage to create obstacles for them. However, make sure you are not in their visible range. You can find the Sabotages in the Basement at the following link places:
    • Summon Darkness (Laboratory)
    • Doors (Storage-Lower)
    • Telepathy (Storage-Upper)
    • Clairvoyance (Foggy Cave)
    • Feed Yee’ucky (Study)
    • Sacrifice Bell (The Pit)
  • Hiding Location: These are spots on the map where you can hide. They are in the form of Empty Barrels, Lockers, Chests, Knight Armor, etc. The Basement has 5 of them.

Special Map Elements in the Basement

Transporter Door in Basement Map

Apart from these basic features, this map also has some special elements you can use to your advantage. They are as follows:

  • Transporter: This doorway will transport you to any random location on the map. So, you can use it to get out of sticky situations.
  • Peepholes: Using the peepholes, you can look through the walls in the other room. These are one-way so you can keep a watch on suspicious players with them. In the Basement, there are 6 of them.
  • Telepathy & Clairvoyance: These can be used by anyone apart from the Geese, and their effect depends on whether Esper is alive. If it is alive then sabotaging either will reveal its location. If dead, you can either speak to other Ducks or see the locations of the Geese by sabotaging Telepathy and Clairvoyance respectively.
  • Sacrifice Bell: Sabotaging the Sacrificial Bell will start a timer. If the Geese are not able to find the Bell or a body before the timer runs out, then one of them will be eliminated.
  • Disposing Bodies: This map has two spots where you can dispose of bodies if you are the Undertaker. You can either do it at the top of the Foggy Cave or in the Boiler room.

That completes our map guide on the Basement in Goose Goose Duck. For other map guides like the Lounge and SS Mothergoose, make sure you visit GamerTweak.