Barack Obama Fortnite Academy – Is it real?

Want to get into one of the most Prestigious Academy. We'll tell you everything about the Barack Obama Fortnite Academy.

Fortnite was the one that started the Battle royale wave. Many games followed, but Fortnite has still managed to be at the top. With more than 350 million players till May 2020, it is undoubtedly one of the biggest games of our time. Given the game’s popularity, there are several discussion groups across social media platforms where players can discuss everything about the game and bond over the game. Doing rounds in these groups is the Barack Obama Fortnite Academy and the fuss around it, so let’s dig deeper into it.

Barack Obama Fortnite Academy

Barack Obama Fortnite Academy

The Barack Obama Fortnite Academy is located in Tijuana, Mexico. With the growing popularity of the game and a Fortnite World cup happening yearly, a Fortnite Academy was bound to happen. The Barack Obama Fortnite Academy was announced last year, and people have been lining up to get into it. Considering the hype around the University with limited seats, getting into it will be as competitive as any other top university. An Academy dedicated to a game is a significant step to empower the E-sports industry.

Busting the Myth

We hope until now you might have figured out how we used the opportunity to get in on this long-running joke. In case you didn’t and got hopeful, we are really sorry to disappoint you. The Barack Obama Fortnite Academy is a joke just to make it very clear for everyone. When Timbuktu University changed its name to the Barack Obama Leadership Academy in 2020, A screenshot started floating around Social Media. The Screenshot stated “Barack Obama Fortnite Academy,” which obviously was a mistake but one so absurd it gave birth to this long-running gag. Was it an actual Screenshot of any oversight from Google or an edited one? No one knows, but honestly, it doesn’t matter.

The memes and jokes flooding Social Media are what matters, and we don’t want it to stop anytime soon. The Meta nature of Fortnite lures a specific type of audience, and it is the players and their wicked humor that gave birth to this gag. These gags provide you with insight into how people get attached to a game and how creative players can be.

Although we hope it was true but we can’t fix the education system’s priorities. We can bring you all the Fortnite news, tips, and tricks (and gags like these), so if you want to outsmart your friends in Fortnite, do check our linked articles.