Bandai Namco To Release New Dragon Ball Z RPG

Bandai Namco had been rumored to begin working on a new Dragon Ball game which was supposed to follow the Dragon Ball FighterZ game but will be different and no further news had been reported until recently when it was reported by official Dragon Ball twitter account that the new game will be an RPG. This has been never seen before in a Dragon Ball game and will be a new concept for the franchise.

There haven’t been many details to this news but going by the image attached to the tweet showing a young Goku and Gohan we are predicting that this might be set in the Dragon Ball Z saga which will bring back beloved characters to the game and shows the story with a new perspective. The tweet further claims that the game will be nostalgic and new.

Dragon Ball FighterZ is scheduled to take place this month and we can hope to get more info about the game at this event. There is no news when this game might be released or what characters are included. Currently, not much has surfaced since this tweet was posted and we’ll keep you posted as soon as new information is revealed.