Atomic Heart Ballerina Puzzle Solution

Can't seem to figure out the Ballerina Puzzle in Atomic Heart? We're here to help.

The newly released Atomic Heart has taken the gaming world by storm. The game is set in the alternate 1950s when the Soviet Union made great advances in robotics and technology to make a utopian society. Distinct art style combined with Bioshock-inspired combat is a winning combination that Atomic Heart executes with ease.  Looking for clues and solving puzzles is also an integral part of the game. One such sequence that seems to stump players is the Ballerina Puzzle. Here is a quick guide on how you can solve the Ballerina Puzzle in Atomic Heart.

How to Solve the Ballerina Puzzle in Atomic Heart

how to solve ballerina puzzle in atomic hearts

While completing the ‘Art is Sacrifice’ mission you will need to find and confront Petrov in the theater. The only thing that stands in your way is four Ballerinas whom you need to arrange in a specific stance to open the doors. The solution to this puzzle lies in the background of the setting. The wall behind each Ballerina is illuminated by shadows of dead personals and statues with a streak of blood running across the white background. You can use the red button at the bottom of the statues to change the stance of each of the Ballerinas to make it seem like they killed the personnel hanging from the ceiling.
Here are each of the correct stances for the Ballerinas starting from the closest one to the corridor entrance.

  • Croisée in the fifth position, arms in the third position.
  • Relevé in the fifth position. Effacé. Arms upright and loose in an allongé.
  • Attitude.
  • A la seconde, arms free.

The doors leading to Petrov should open once you put them in the right sequence.

That’s all there is to solve the Ballerina puzzle in Atomic Hearts. Check out our guide on how to change FOV in Atomic Hearts and answers to any other Atomic Heart questions here on Gamer Tweak.