Elden Ring: How To Backstab Enemies

Trying to eliminate your opponents in one hit? You should try to Backstab in Elden Ring.

No matter if you just started or are halfway in the game knowing how to Backstab in Elden Ring is a very important skill. If you are a Dark Souls Player you must already know the importance of this move. Backstabbing your enemies allows you to do a ton of damage to them in just one hit. The best part is, learning how to do it is not difficult at all. So in this guide let us take a look at how to backstab enemies in Elden Ring and other things you should know about it.

How to Backstab in Elden Ring

how to backstab enemies in elden ring

You can Backstab in Elden Ring by going behind the enemy and pressing the R1/RB button on your Controller. This is the Attack button, PC players can do the same by going behind the enemy and left-clicking on their mouse. When you backstab the enemy you will see an animation for it. This attack will deal massive damage and might even allow you to defeat the enemy in one hit. In case the enemy doesn’t get defeated you can simply attack them again by the time they get up. Remember to lock on them again after backstab if you have auto-lock disabled.

Tips to Backstab Enemies

  • You can perform backstab on an enemy by sneaking behind them. This is a stealthy approach and has higher chances of the attack connecting. To improve your stealth even further you can crouch and approach the enemy instead of walking towards them.
  • In case you want to backstab an enemy during combat, then try baiting them into an attack. This will allow you to go behind them from the side. The best way to achieve this is to not guard. When you have your shield down the enemy might try to attack you, thus allowing you to get behind them.
    • The best way to backstab an enemy in combat is when they try to do a thrust attack. You can easily get behind an enemy in such a scenario.
    • You could also look at the enemy’s weapon to decide which side to go behind from. For example, if the enemy is doing a forward slash using their right-handed weapon, then go behind them from the left. If they are doing a backslash with their right hand then go right.
  • Practice backstabbing on easier enemies like the guards outside the Gatefront site of grace.
  • Finally the most important information or tip here. You cannot backstab every enemy in the game. The best way to recognize the enemies that you can backstab is the ones who are more or less your size and have a more humanly body structure. If an enemy is very large or not very human-like then there is a high chance you cannot backstab them.

That sums up this guide on how to Backstab enemies in Elden Ring. If you like playing this game then be sure to check our dedicated section on Elden Ring for more such guides.