How To Backstab In Dark Alliance

Here is the way to backstab an enemy in Dark Alliance.

The mechanics of backstab in Dungeons and Dragons Dark Alliance is unclear. Though not moral, it is fun to do so. It is also important for the players to learn this move as some other moves connect to the perfect execution of the backstab.  So in this guide, we will tell you how to easily backstab an enemy in Dungeons and Dragons Dark Alliance.

How to Backstab in Dark Alliance?

Dark Alliance

To backstab in Dungeons and Dragons Dark Alliance, you will need to attack the enemy in a way that spins them and gets them dizzy and in a stunned state. This will be indicated by stars on their head the moment they are in that state. This is when you can go behind your enemy to backstab. Your Light Attack button will prompt and start blinking. Click it at the right time and it will play out a short animation and perform a backstab move.

To get them into a stunned state, just double dash towards the enemy. Remember, you will not succeed if you just attack them from behind. Or use any other method of attacks that will not stunt your enemies. You will have to go the long way and first get them dizzy to get them vulnerable, they will momentarily be static and you can use this opportunity. The Drizzt character will need to use the backstab move in order for Catti to execute her team attack on the opponent in Dungeons and Dragons Dark Alliance. For now, there is no other way to perform the Backstab move in the game.

So that is all for our guide on how to easily execute a backstab in Dungeons and Dragons Dark Alliance. If you would like to know Dungeons And Dragons Dark Alliance cheats and console commands, we have a guide on that too for you to check out.