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Best Back 4 Blood Shotgun Build Card Decks

Find out which are the best Card Decks to use with the Shotgun in Back 4 Blood.

Back 4 Blood will be a much more rewarding game if you make a Shotgun Build Card Deck. However, this means that you must be prepared to get your hands dirty in some close-quarters combat. After all, how will you call yourself an apocalyptic survivor if you are not covered in zombie guts? So, scroll down and find out the best build and cards to use with a Shotgun in B4B.

Best Back 4 Blood Shotgun Build and Card Decks


Back 4 Blood Shotgun Build: Best Card Decks To Use For Weapons

This Build by Redditor u/xZenkox is one of the best Shotgun builds in the game.

  • Ammo Pouch
  • Ammo Stash
  • Breakout
  • Buckshot Bruiser
  • Hyper-Focused
  • Killer’s Instinct
  • Mag Coupler
  • Motorcycle Helmet
  • Numb
  • Reckless Strategy
  • Ridden Slayer
  • Scattergun Skills
  • Shell Carrier
  • Silver Bullets
  • True Grit

Making a Shotgun build in Back 4 Blood basically means that you will be going toe to toe with enemies. This is because shotguns don’t have much range but deal massive amounts of damage up close. In such a scenario you will need to have some pretty good damage and defense stats. Hence, you will find that the above card deck includes some handy armor for you too. If you want to experiment a bit more, you can also have a look at all these cards mentioned below which also work well with the B4B Shotgun Build.

  • Amped Up: Exiting a starting saferoom, your team gains 50 Temporary Health.
  • Face Your Fears: Gain 3 Temporary Health whenever you kill a Ridden within 2 meters.
  • Fire in the Hole!: Throw an Offensive Accessory to gain 20 Temporary Health and 20% Move Speed for 10 seconds.
  • Motorcycle Jacket: + 10% Damage Resistance.
  • Numb The Pain: + 15% Damage Resistance when you have Temporary Health.
  • Pyro: + 100% Fire damage, + 75% Fire Resistance. Kills with fire will grant you 3 Temporary Health.
  • Scar Tissue: Take 1 less damage from all Ridden.
  • Wounded Animal: Kills while at Critical Health will recover 1 Health.

This is everything that you need to know about the best possible Back 4 Blood Shotgun Build. While you are here you can also have a look at all Back 4 Blood Missions & Acts List In Order.