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Back 4 Blood Open Beta Key, Twitch Drops And Code Not Working Fix

Find out more about the open beta Code Key for Back 4 Blood.

Back 4 Blood has an Open Beta that releases on 12th August 12:00 PST and runs up to 16th August 12:00 PST. The actual game comes out on the 12th of October. So, the Open Beta is a good way for players to get a taste of the game. If you have pre-purchased the game you get to access it even earlier as part of the Early Access program. Now with all this out of the way, let’s find out more about this new Open Beta.

How to get Back 4 Blood Open Beta key code?


To get the Open Beta you will first have either registered for the game or pre-purchased the game. You can find the links for both those things in the interlinked websites.

If you choose to register you will have to simply register your account for the Beta version. Once you do this you will get an email notification if you get selected for the Beta Test. After this, you will get an activation key code for the Open Beta.

Another way to get an Activation Code for the Back 4 Blood Open Beta is to purchase the Early Access of the game. Once you do this, you will immediately get an activation code directly in your email account. Just use the activation code and you will get to download the early access ASAP.


Open Beta Key Code not working fix

There seems to be a problem for Early Access users where the Open Beta Key Code seems to be non-functional. This issue has been popping up for quite a lot of users who opted for the Early Access version. This issue also spans across all the platforms the game is available on.

As of now, there seems to be no concrete fix. If you are an Early Access user and are facing this problem all you can do at this point is wait. There are chances that you probably are just trying to log into the game quite early as the Open Beta for normal users releases on the 12th.


However, if you face the issue even after the early access open beta starts then again you will have to wait. It might just be server issues, with multiple users logging in at the same time. Patience is a tried and tested virtue and one you should follow. The devs will do their best to fix the issue as the game has got quite a lot of attention ever since it was announced.

How to get Back 4 Blood Open Beta Twitch Drops?

Back 4 Blood Open Beta

These are the official instructions given by the devs on how to get the Twitch Drops.

  • Create or sign in with a free Warner Bros. Games Account. Participants must be 13 years or older.
  • Connect your Twitch account to your Warner Bros. Games account. To complete this, click here (must be signed in), then go to “Account Settings” and click “connect” to complete the linking.
  • Watch a Twitch streamer playing Back 4 Blood content with Twitch Drops enabled for 60 minutes to earn Early Access to the Open Beta between August 5 at 12 PM PDT and August 9 at 12 PM PDT.
  • Once you’ve completed the task or to check on your progress, go to the Twitch Drops homepage to claim your Drop.
  • Claim your Early Access Open Beta code for the platform of your choice via your Warner Bros. Games Account.

This is everything you need to know about how to access the Back 4 Blood Open Beta and Twitch Drops. Here at Gamer Tweak, we cover all your favorite games, so make sure to check out some of our other Video-Game Guides.