“My Axe Is Getting Cold”: LoLdle Quote Answer

Guessing League of Legends champions can be fun unless you come across a quote like “My Axe Is Getting Cold” in LoLdle. As you know, this fun Wordle spinoff has five modes. One such mode called Quotes gives you an in-game quote of a champion. Based on this clue, you have to guess the correct champion. The game will give you an audio clue if you select the wrong champion multiple times. If you still cannot guess the champion, then you can check it right here.

Who Says “My Axe is Getting Cold” in LoLdle Quote ModeAxe Getting Cold LoLdle answer for Quotes Mode

The champion that says the quote “My Axe is Getting Cold” in LoLdle is:

  • Sion

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Apart from the Quote mode, you can also play the following modes:

  • Classic: Get clues on each try like Gender, Position(s), Species, Resource, Range type, Region(s), and Release year.
  • Ability: Guess the champion through their ability. After multiple tries, you will get a Name Clue.
  • Emoji: Guess the champion based on a set of five emojis. Every try unlocks a new emoji clue.
  • Splash: Guess the champion based on an image section of the splash art. Every try zooms out the image slightly.

This game is a fun brainteaser for League of Legends fans. However, the game has more than 140 champions. So it can get a bit frustrating if you come across one that you are unaware of. However, it’s not worth losing your daily streak. So it’s better to check all the daily answers in the link mentioned above.

We hope this guide helped you understand who said “My Axe is Getting Cold” in LoLdle Quote mode. While you’re here, check out our LoLdle guides section for more helpful guides on the same.