How To Get The Avarice Gloves In Last Epoch

The Avarice Gloves will suit you well while clearing out a bunch of enemies in Last Epoch. Here’s how you can get this Unique Item.

You will find several collectibles while going through different stages in Last Epoch. Many of these collectibles will be Unique Items like an Armor Piece or an Amulet. Having such items by your side can benefit you greatly in the early stages.

The Avarice Gloves are Unique, and you can get them during the first few missions. However, acquiring this item involves making some major in-game decisions. So it will be better to know about the process in and out.

This guide will explain when and how you can get the Avarice Gloves in Last Epoch. Obtaining this Unique Leather Glove is part of a side quest, so stick to the end.

Here’s How to Get the Avarice Gloves in Last Epoch

You can get the Avarice Gloves in the Last Epoch by completing Erza’s Ledger side quest in the Ruined Era. Often, people mistake “Erza’s Ledger” with “Ezra’s Ledger” so I thought to clear that confusion here. Anyways, an NPC known as Erza will ask you to bring him his Ledger during this quest. If you find and return the Ledger to Erza, he will reward you with the Avarice Gloves in Last Epoch.

For your reference, here are the quick steps for completing Erza’s Ledger side quest and unlocking the Avarice Gloves:

  • Go to The Council Chambers to unlock Erza’s Ledger Quest in the Ruined Era.
Complete Erza's Ledger to get Avarice Gloves in Last Epoch
Speaking to Elder Erza’s. Image Credits to Last Epoch.
  1. Next, speak to Erza on the western side of the Chamber.
  2. While speaking to Erza in his chamber, a Gambler known as Artem will overhear your conversation.
  3. So when you leave the room, he will ask if you can bring him the Ledger instead of Erza. In return, he will reward you for it. This triggers Artem’s Offer side quest in Last Epoch.
  4. Accept anyone’s job and you will find the Ledger in Erza’s Study on the eastern side of the Chamber.
  5. The Ledger will be marked on the map with a circle icon. Make sure to refer to it.
How to Complete Erza's Ledger side quest and get Avarice Gloves in Last Epoch
Erza’s Ledger in Erza’s Quarters (Study Room). Image Credits to Last Epoch

You can give the Ledger to Erza and collect the Avarice Gloves from straight up. However, you have one more offer from Artem. If you give him the Ledger, you will get the Gambler’s Fallacy Amulet in Last Epoch.

The reason why I suggest picking the Avarice Gloves is simply because of its stats. Check out the below for it:

  • +10 Armor
  • +9 Mana
  • 3% of Elemental Damage Leeched as Health
  • 30% Increased Leech Rate
  • 13% Elemental Resistance

With these buffs, you can easily tear through enemies of all starting Eras in Last Epoch. For the endgame, you can get more powerful Unique Items and at that time, you can Salvage the older ones. This is one of the techniques that I prefer for making the most out of such ARPGs.