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V Rising Authentication Error Fix

Unable to play V Rising because of the Authentication Error? This guide has you covered with its fix.

Many players are unable to play V Rising due to the Authentication Error. This is a bummer as the screen gives you the option to go back to the menu or leave the game. This is similar to the Connection Timed-out error, and it can feel like you can’t do much about it. But that is not true, there are some workarounds that you can try to join the server and resume playing again. So in this guide let us check how to fix the Authentication Error in V Rising.

How to Fix Authentication Error in V Rising


v rising authentication error fix

You can get the Authentication Error when you are trying to join a server that is already full or if it loses communication with the connected server. Below are some of the ways you can fix this error.

  • Join another server: If the server you made progress on is full and you can’t join then try joining another server. You don’t have to start playing from the scratch here, just join and see if you are getting the error. If you don’t get the error then the problem is with the capacity of the server you progressed in. Thus you should wait for some players to leave before joining again.


While the above was to test the problem here are some general workarounds you can try.

  • Check Server Status: You should check the status of the game on Twitter @VRisingGame to see if there is some server maintenance ongoing at the moment you got the error. If there is then you should wait until the servers are back then try playing again.
  • Update your Game: Installing any new updates or latest patches that might be available can help fix it. Once you update your game try playing again and see if you still get the error.
  • Restart your game: Exit and close your game completely, remove it from Task Manager if needed. Relaunch the game and try joining the server in which you progressed to see if you can join now.
  • Check your Internet Connection: Since you are trying to connect to the servers you need a good connection. To test your connection you can just do a speed test or try playing some other online game.
  • Restart Steam: This is unlikely to be the cause, but there are times when Steam can cause such issues. Restart your Steam and try playing on the server to see if you still get the error.

That covers this guide on how to fix the Authentication error in V Rising. If the game is working for you now and you need any help while playing, then we have you covered with many topics with our other V Rising guides.