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Minecraft: How To Fix Authenticate To Microsoft Services

Unable to authenticate to Microsoft Services while playing Minecraft? Check out this guide to learn its fixes.

Many players are getting “You need to authenticate to Microsoft services” while playing Minecraft and are looking for a fix. This error can be troublesome as using your Microsoft account gives you access to the Minecraft community. The community is important if you want to play with your friends on other platforms or join different servers or realms. The good news is there are a few workarounds that you can try to solve this issue. So without further ado let us check the fixes.

How to Fix You need to Authenticate to Microsoft Services in Minecraft


how to fix authenticate to microsoft services in minecraft

To fix the above issue you can try the fixes mentioned below.

  • Restart the game: Starting with the most basic fix. Close Minecraft completely then restart the game. Once the game is on check if you still get the error.
  • Sign out & sign in to your Microsoft account: Another simple fix that can easily solve this issue is to sign out of your Microsoft account. Once logged out sign in again and restart the game. This should fix the error. The exact steps for it are as follows:
    1. Open Minecraft.
    2. Click on Settings.
    3. Next, select the Profile tab.
    4. Here, click on the Sign out of your Minecraft account button.
    5. Wait for some seconds and sign in again.
    6. Restart the game.
  • Check your internet connection: Since the game is unable to authenticate with Microsoft services there is a good chance your internet might be down. You can test your internet by doing a speed test or playing some other online game.
  • Sync system’s Date & Time: Microsoft might be having issues with its services if your date or time is incorrect. You can sync them by going to settings. Next, select Time & Language. Here enable the Set time automatically option and below, click on the Sync now button. Once your date & time are synced try playing the game and you shouldn’t face the error anymore.


Once you follow the above fixes you should no longer get the error and should be able to join other servers or realms.

That sums up this guide on how to fix You need to Authenticate to Microsoft Services error in Minecraft. You should also check our guide on Authentication Servers Down Fix if you get this error. And for other things on this game check out our Minecraft guides.