Roblox A Universal Time AUT Standless Moveset

Here are all the Standless Moveset you can use in A Universal Time (AUT).

Being Standless in A Universal Time (AUT) still has its own movesets you can use till you get any kind of Stand. There are more than 40 Stands in the game to choose from. But there can be lots of reasons you might be Standless, either you are just new to the game or you choose to be so. So if you are Standless, don’t worry, we have the list of all the movesets you can use in A Universal Time (AUT).

AUT Standless Moveset

AUT Standless Moveset A Universal Time

Here is all the AUT Standless Moveset in the Roblox A Universal Time:

Moveset Keybind
Dash C
Stylish Sweeps E
Asphalt Connoisseur F
Dragon Bite G
Way Of The Yakuza H
LMB Combo M1/LMB
Quotes N
Drop Kick R
Invitation To Hell T
Brawler’s Instinct V
Sprint Z

How to Become Standless or Human in Roblox A Universal Time?

To become Standless or Human and get movesets in A Universal Time (AUT), you need to be either a new player joining the game, or get your stand reset by Enrico Pucci. You can also be Standless if you have not used any Stand Arrows yet. The other way to do this is by switching to a slot with no Stands from your Stand Storage. Standless is renamed to Human in the old universe, and as Kazuma Kiryu in the new. Kazuma Kiryu is the main protagonist in the action-adventure video game series Yakuza, whose name will now replace the Standless in AUT.

You start out the game as a Human meaning you will have no Stands with you, making you Standless automatically. If you are playing the game for quite some time but have not used any arrows, then also you will remain Standless. If you have already attained Stands and wish to reset them, then speak with Enrico Pucci. You can find it in front of Jotaro Kujo in the Park. Go to him and select “Yes” when he asks if you want to reset your Stands.

That’s everything you need to know about AUT Standless Moveset in Roblox A Universal Time. While you are here, make sure to check out our AUT Private Server VIP Codes. Also, take a look at our AUT Codes to know about them more.