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How To Attach Outposts To Cities In Humankind?

Follow this guide to learn how to build & attach Outposts to Cities in Humankind.

If you know how to build and attach Outposts to cities in Humankind, your empire’s strategy is already a step ahead of the rest. An outpost is basically a stamp to claim authority over a territory from which you can perform limited tasks. You will need to ensure you keep check on your outposts. You can relocate your outposts but once you’ve converted or attached them to cities, you can no longer do so. The concept of outposts in Humankind is a fairly simple one, in this guide we’ve tried to assist you to get familiar with building and attaching outposts. The steps for the same are mentioned below.

How to Build & Attach Outposts to a City in Humankind?

Attach Cities To Outposts In Humankind

It’s pretty easy  to build and attach Outposts to a City in Humankind by following these steps:

  • The Neolithic Age gives you an outpost at the beginning which you’ll have to spend influence to set down.
  • This will convert the unclaimed territory into yours.
  • You can now use influence points to convert or evolve this territory into a city.
  • It would be better to wait and discover the most ideal territory before converting or attaching your outpost to a city.
  • You can place further outposts using the “claim territory” by dispatching army units to unclaimed territories.
  • When you decide you want to attach an outpost to a city, you need to click on the chain symbol on the city name.
  • This will display a list of outposts that you can attach.
  • Simply select the “Attach” option and the outpost to city attachment is complete!
  • Alternatively, you can even click on the chain symbol on the outposts’ name, and from the list that displays city names, attach one from among them.

Once this is complete, your outpost transforms into an “Administrative Centre”. Ensure your outpost isn’t too far away from the city since a further distance deviation will cost more to build compared to one just adjacent to it.

Now you know how to build and attach outposts to Cities and vice-versa! expand your empire further by checking out these guides, tips & tricks, and other cool stuff about Humankind!