Astral Chronicles Tier List & Reroll Guide (October 2023)

Unable to pick the best character or reroll? Check out our Astral chronicles best characters tier list and reroll guide to find out all the characters ranked from best to worst.

Astral Chronicles is a Japanese role-playing game that features over 50+ characters. As you gather different characters, you build a team to fight against enemies, creatures, and bosses. Given the extensive roster, some characters are suitable for PvP while some are for PvE modes. We have compiled the best overall characters and placed them into different tiers ranging from S Tier to D Tier. If you are out of luck getting the best characters, we have also included the rerolling guide. So, check out our Astral Chronicles tier list and reroll guide to find out all the characters ranked from best to worst.

Astral Chronicles Tier List – Best Characters Ranked

Astral Chronicles Tier List

Here’s the best characters tier list for Astral Chronicles ranking all the characters from best to worst:

Tiers Characters
S Tier Ryudo
S Tier Zeus
S Tier Gillian
S Tier Athena
S Tier Netheria
S Tier Ouroboros
S Tier Kamiko
S Tier Nora
S Tier Yoru Rumi
S Tier Lars
S Tier Newton
S Tier Undine
S Tier Pandora Z
A Tier Felicia
A Tier Titan Cynthia
A Tier Cupid
A Tier Hachi Araumi
A Tier Allur
A Tier Alphard
A Tier Nyx
A Tier Ryuni Meikami
A Tier Haname
A Tier Alice
B Tier Maid Betta
B Tier Kidd
B Tier Rintsuki
B Tier Bahameowt
B Tier Titan Soul
B Tier Gin
C Tier Yuki Nozomi
C Tier Shay
C Tier Maid Gemma
C Tier Yoyo Nozomi
C Tier Suzukaze
C Tier Utanashi
C Tier Kanna
C Tier Gin
C Tier Manjusaka
D Tier H10
D Tier Cynthia
D Tier Nephele
D Tier Roshi
D Tier Schala
D Tier Alphard
D Tier Hachi Araumi

As mentioned earlier, we have placed the best characters into their respective tiers. Some characters can be commonly obtained. While some characters are super rare or simply rare to find or obtain. Quite obviously, the super rare and overpowered characters are placed in the S Tier. But if you are unable to get the characters from this tier, we suggest aiming for the characters placed in A Tier. These are the characters that can be situationally suitable for PvE and PvP modes. The only trick here is using them right.

If you are in the early or mid-game, we recommend the characters from the B tier. But as you progress with the game, replace them with characters from A or S tier. All the characters in the C tier are commonly found. So, these characters can be a suitable choice during the early game. Speaking of the D tier, these are the characters that are least recommended for both modes. Regardless, if you have obtained them, try replacing them with better characters.

Alternatively, you can also try rerolling to pull the suitable characters.

How to Reroll

Before we begin, make sure that your account is not connected to Google or Facebook account. This will enable you to log in as a Guest in the game.

Now, follow the below steps to reroll:

  • Launch the Astral Chronicles app on your Android or iOS devices.
  • Tap your profile avatar in the upper-left corner.
  • Now, head to Settings and log out from the current account.
  • Head back to the account option and hit the Switch account option.
  • Lastly, create a new account and try your best luck.

Once you pull your suitable characters, link the account with your Google or Facebook account.

That’s everything covered about the Astral Chronicles best characters tier list and reroll guide. If this guide helped you, check out our more Tier Lists and Mobile guides on our dedicated sections right here on Gamer Tweak.