How To Unlock Banner Z In All Star Tower Defense (ASTD)

Want to try your luck to summon a 6-star character?

All Star Tower Defense is an anime-based Roblox game that involves using various power-ups and items featured across numerous different Anime and Manga series. This tower-defense type game has a variety of different characters that can be obtained by a chance lottery system called Hero Summon in the lobby. Most of the common primary and secondary characters can be easily unlocked here with Gold and Gems. But if you are lucky you may even find a 5-star in your store. There are 4 different banners to Summon from, namely X, Y, Z and Gold-only. However the most elusive Banner Z is not immediately accessible by most players. So in this guide we will show you how you can unlock Banner Z in All Star Tower Defense to have a higher chance for rare characters.

How to Open Banner Z in All Star Tower Defense (ASTD)

In order to unlock Banner Z, the basic requirement is that you need to be Level 100 or more. Now, even after reaching Level 100 you may find that Banner Z is still not apparently accessible. This is because you need to go to World 2 to open Banner Z. For you to travel to World 2, you need to take the Portal at the tail-end of Serpent’s Way. Once you are Level 100 or more, you can automatically spawn near the Portal to go through.

All Star Tower Defense How To Unlock Banner Z

Once you have spawned in World 2, you can head to the Summon area to try your luck in Banner Z. This banner, just like X and Y has rotating units every hour so you can come back later for new or better units. Now World 2, unlike the main world, has a different currency of Emeralds to buy the units. You can exchange your Gold or Gems for Emeralds at the trade shops in World 2 lobby. You will find these just as you enter the World 2 map.

Now, Banner Z also has 6 slots with one of them having a chance of spawning a 6-star unit. There are two slots for 5-star units with a 7% and 9% chance. And the remaining 3 slots are for 4-star units with relatively higher chances. You cannot get 3-star units in this Banner with the exception of Demonside. An important thing to remember is that Banner Z, just like all other Banners will show you 60 Pity turns but it WILL NOT work. This is because the Pity System is disabled for Banner Z as it already has higher chances for rare units.

That is all you need to know on how to unlock Banner Z in Roblox All Star Tower Defense. If you found this article helpful and want more related content, check out this guide on how to get the Dark Spiritual Orb in this game.