How To Get Wolf Companion In AC Valhalla

Here's how to unlock the secret Wolf Pet in AC Valhalla. Get this loyal companion who'll help you in combat mode, stealth mode and hunting animals too!

Apart from a Viking Cat, Eivor can also get a Wolf Companion in AC Valhalla. Eivor is the Wolf-Kissed after all so the importance of Wolves in his/her life is evident. If you want to know how to look like a cool Viking with a Wolf pet and use her to your advantage, keep reading! Here’s a guide on how to get the Wolf Companion in AC Valhalla.

How to Unlock Wolf Pet in AC Valhalla?

To unlock the secret wolf companion in AC Valhalla, you have to follow the steps given below:

  • First, head to Ravensthorpe where you have your settlement of level 2 and above.
  • Go to the Longhouse.
  • Talk to the kid named Knud and begin his quest A Little Problem. He will tell you that his friends are in danger so you have to follow Knud to help them out.
  • Go with Knud to a House and that’s where you will get a little surprise.
  • Next, you have to help out a Wolf that is stuck in a cage in the basement of the Hunter house. The key of the house can be obtained by killing the boar near it, so enter it that way.
  • Once you spot the cage, carefully open the cage and don’t hurt the wolf. If you smash open the door, you will lose your chance to befriend this potential pet.


Although the Wolf runs away after you free her, she will appear when you are attacked by other wolves soon afterwards. That’s when you truly connect with her. You will also have three name options for your new wolf companion in AC Valhalla. Choose whichever feels best!

Once you are done with that, you have to bring the kids and the wolf to the settlement. Then, you will get a new Ranged Ability called Man’s Best Friend. Now you can use the wolf pet whenever you want.


How Does the Wolf Companion Help You?

This pet wolf will actually help you during combat, raids as well as track enemies and hunt animals. You can even use the wolf to distract your foes if you are going the stealthy route. So, all in all, the wolf companion makes for a cool and extremely useful partner for Eivor. You should get yourself a Wolf pet in AC Valhalla as soon as possible. Also note that this is different from the Wolf mount – check out our linked guide to know how to get the mount as well.