How To Beat The Lost Wolf In AC Valhalla (Boss Battle Tips)

How to defeat The Lost Wolf Boss in Assassin's Creed Valhalla. He's stronger than wolves & he's FAST. Beat him with these boss battle tips.

The Lost Wolf is a boss you will encounter during Extended Family quest in Asgard. If you are not sure about its weak points and how to counter its attacks, it will be a tough boss fight. But to help you out, we’ve created this boss battle survival guide on how to beat The Lost Wolf in AC Valhalla. Follow these tricks to emerge victorious in the end.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: How to Defeat The Lost Wolf?


These are the things you should keep in mind while fighting The Lost Wolf in AC Valhalla.

  • The Wolf’s attacks are mainly like how a huge wolf will attack.
  • He moves forward FAST and can also perform sweeping attacks.
  • This Wolf has stone particles around him that can distract and confuse you.
  • He also uses an underground tunnel to move from one place to another quickly.
  • If you are too far from him, The Lost Wolf will also throw rocks at you.


How to Kill this boss?

  • Use your bow and arrows to attack the weak points of The Lost Wolf – his limbs.
  • When you are near him, go to his side and use melee attacks.
  • Dodge the rocks he throws at you from a distance.
  • Always keep an eye on his movement underground because he will come out and lunge at you suddenly. But if you pay attention, you can dodge it easily.
  • Use the Focus of the Nornir Ability that will help you aim and shoot at your target while time slows down for a bit. This is perfect to lower your foe’s health because if you don’t have this, it will be very difficult to beat The Lost Wolf in AC Valhalla.


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That’s what you have to do over and over again to deplete your enemy’s stamina and health. Switch between your ranged weapon and melee weapon based on your requirement since this Wolf is chaotically quick. It’s all about speed, knowing where and how to attack it and you will defeat this Lost Wolf boss battle.

Now that you know how to beat The Lost Wolf in AC Valhalla, here’s how to leave Asgard and return to England. There are various reasons why you’d want to exit Asgard and the linked guide will help you do it easily.