Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: Kill Warlock Or Hunter Choice Guide

Which choice to make? Should you kill Warlock or Hunter in AC Valhalla? Read this Plight of the Warlock Rygjafylke Mystery world event guide.

In your journey as Eivor, you will come across a choice where you will wonder if you should kill Warlock or Hunter in AC Valhalla. Both have their reasons but who should you believe? What is the outcome if you kill the Warlock and what happens if you kill the Hunter in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Plight of the Warlock Rygjafylke Mystery world event? Find out which is the right choice in this guide.

Who Should I Kill: Warlock Or Hunter In AC Valhalla?

1. If you kill the Warlock, the Hunter will allow you to take what you wish from his carcass but also mentions that the bounty offered by King Harald belongs to him because he struck first. With this, the Mystery will be completed.
2. If you kill the Hunter, you can loot the Warlock’s body and you will also achieve 20 Silver. Doing this will also complete the Mystery.
3. There’s also another option where you don’t kill any of them but if you do this, the Mystery will not be completed. Also, the winner of the fight will not like you so much.


Completing this Rygjafylke Mystery event is fully based on whose story you believe. While the Hunter says that the Warlock poisoned his sister and cursed the land, the Warlock says that the curse existed before he arrived – a curse of ignorance infecting all of Midgard. He continues that he uses his magic knowledge to help others and is only a threat to those fearing the unknown. About the Hunter’s sister, the Warlock says that he made a mixture that could have removed her illness but the Hunter used pig’s blood instead. He killed his own sister, the Warlock claims.


Based on their explanations, you can choose to kill either of them because you can complete the Mystery both ways. Getting a bug in this Plight of the Warlock Rygjafylke Mystery world event where the Warlock vanishes? Then you need to load your last save. Although it’s not a real solution, this is what you can do right now.

That’s what you need to know about the situation where you need to kill Warlock or Hunter in AC Valhalla. If you need help with more choices in order to make the right decision, read about them in our updated Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Wiki.