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Next Assassins Creed – Ragnarok Mjolnir Edition Leaked by GameStop

Vikings or Gods

Leak is not new for Assassins Creed, in history of this game leaks have confirmed to be true enough revealing a lot about the next new edition. Most current one coming from GameStop, where a title listed by the online retailer indicates the next Assasins Creed will bring out gods from the Norse. Circulated through Reddit the screenshot of the listing is from a valid source i.e. Gamestop.

Screenshot of Assassins Creed leak confirms the new game will be Assassins Creed Ragnarok. The listing, however, talks about Mjolnir Edition – the popular Thor’s hammer which confirms to an extent we we will either see a Weapon from Norse Mythology or there are possibilities of the alternate storyline where next Assassin might hunt down the gods.


As we had seen in Assassins Creed Odyssey, Bayek is following to take down the cult in Egypt which includes Pharaoh and he travels between life and death. In Division 2 a Vikings poster was circulated in the  JFK Center with slogan Valhalla. Speculation around the web pointed this is a hidden hint for the next Assassin Creed games, but here we have two things to consider. First, as per the Gamespot listing there can be some content from Norse Mythology or else the game could focus on a complete on Vikings who follow Norse Religion where Odin and Thor were their supreme gods.

New Assassins Creed title is pending to be announced, Ubisoft skipped the year 2019 for any fresh info on the game hopefully we will hear soon from Ubisoft in 2020.

Source: Reddit