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Should I Ask For Rewards In Hogwarts Legacy? (Answered)

Get to know if you should demand and ask for rewards after your quest for NPCs in Hogwarts Legacy.

Hogwarts Legacy has many fun little side quests but should you ask for rewards at the end of it? Even early on in the game while exploring Hogwarts school, you will find many student NPCs that offer errands to do as side quests. These quests are varied in their tasks but often you will have the option to ask for a reward in return. Let’s learn what these options mean and how they affect your game.

Should I ask for rewards after doing quests in Hogwarts Legacy?

ask for reward hogwarts legacy

A lot of times in Hogwarts Legacy, you can ask for rewards during turning the quest in. These options come off as rude and mean, it might lead you to believe that this can have a bad outcome. For example, one of the early game side quests given by Zenobia is about collecting her Gobstones and bringing it back. You will have the option to keep the marbles yourself or ask for a reward for bringing them back instead of just nicely handing them over to her.

While there are options like these in the game, they don’t have any real change in the outcome. As in, these just result in different dialogues and things of that nature. It’s more for your immersion and the fact that it gives you the choice is appreciated still. That way you are able to also play your own character in terms of personality in case your character isn’t very nice and helpful all the time.

There are also multiple layers of dialogue options. The reactions and options available all depend on NPC to NPC. Sometimes if you ask for a reward they will react badly and tell you that they didn’t think you were that kind of person. But after this bad reaction, you will get another dialogue option to say that you were just joking or that you are serious about it. Regardless of all this, it will still complete your quest and change nothing else when it comes to the gameplay and game elements.

So if you don’t mind being a bit mean and rude, you can get extra rewards by asking for them after quests. For more guides like this, check out our other articles like should I learn unforgivable curses and how to find Dervish & Banges in Hogwarts Legacy.