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How To Fix The Ascendant Ballast 1 Bug

If you have been left feeling annoyed and frustrated by the bug in the Ballast 1 Challenge in Ascendant, check out this guide for the solution!

If you have played the Ballast 1 Seasonal Challenge in Ascendant, you may have noticed a bug that does not let you advance. In this guide, we will show you what causes this bug and how you can fix it too.

How To Fix Ascendant Ballast 1 Bug?

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Players on Reddit have experienced a bug in the Ballast 1 challenge of Ascendant. This bug results in you getting stuck despite collecting all of the required Ascendant Anchors. These gamers have claimed that despite acquiring the said Anchors, the game counter still does not reflect the same. This does not let you progress in the challenge, and it can be quite frustrating.

The one possible fix for this bug is to stop picking the Water Wheel. Players that have picked up this item have claimed to have lost their progress in the challenge. Apparently, picking this item results in the counter going back to 1 or 2 in some cases, deleting all of your hard-earned progress.

So, as mentioned earlier, you should try to avoid picking up the water wheels in the first place. Because doing so might result in you losing all the Anchors you may have acquired during the Ballast 1 challenge.

The other solution is to wait for the developer of Ascendant, Hapa Games, to come up with a fix themselves. Considering the fact that the whole issue is occurring because of a bug in the first place, you can expect the developers to fix it with an update. The only downside to this solution is that there’s no telling how long it might take for an update to come out. For now, you can keep checking the Ascendant website in order to see if there are any new updates or releases scheduled.

These were all of the possible fixes for the Ascendant Ballast 1 Challenge bug. For now, we do know that the main reason behind the bug is the Water Wheels. At the same time, you might also need to just wait for an update entirely.

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