As Dusk Falls: How Many Chapters (Full Chapter List)?

Here's all about how many chapters are in As Dusk Falls (full chapter list).

Interior Night seeks to create “new and approachable narrative games” for “those who adore series like Breaking Bad or Fargo but who are not particularly gamers,” in the view of Caroline Marchal, the company’s creative director. The driving factor for their brand-new game, “As Dusk Falls,” is this idea. The coolest part of the game is that you can enjoy it in co-op mode with other players, like in “The Dark Pictures” games. It has some very fantastic tense scenes. So today let’s look at how many chapters are in As Dusk Falls (Full Chapter List).

How Many Chapters in As Dusk Falls (Full Chapter List)

How Many Chapters in As Dusk Falls

As Dusk Falls features a total of 6 chapters from the opening to the finale. These 6 chapters are divided into 2 books, Collision and Expansion. Once you’ve finished the chapters, you can access them individually by heading to the main menu and choosing your save file. They should be replayed to get different outcomes and see the story from a whole new perspective. Here’s the full chapter list in As Dusk Falls :

  • Collision (Book 1)
    • Desert Dream
    • Economics 101
    • Small Seconds
  • Expansion (Book 2)
    • Shimá
    • Paradise Found
    • Cascade

As Dusk Falls frequently offers you choices, the one you make will determine the direction of the tale. There are, indeed, several endings, and each major decision alters the plot. You will frequently encounter the Crossroad option, where the choice you make will determine the outcome of the narrative. The game’s narrative follows two families and their lives spanning 30 years. The bulk of the narrative takes place in the first book, with an emphasis on establishing the narrative and the key circumstances that led to the Walkers’ and Holts’ worlds getting connected. Each decision you make heavily impacts the story’s direction. The next 3 chapters deal with the repercussions of the original robbery-gone-wrong & hostage crisis, with a focus, particularly on Zoe’s adolescence and closure to other protagonists’ story arcs.

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