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Valve Begins Sending Invitations to Closed Testing of Artifact 2.0

Artifact 2.0 Closed Testing

Valve has announced that it is starting to send invitations to closed beta testing to their new version of Artifact. The owners of the original project, who bought it before March 30, 2020, will be the first to access the game version 2.0.

Until the end of the week, random owners of the original Artifact will receive invitations to participate in testing. They will get it by email. Access to the beta version will be closed until all requests from users have been processed.


First of all, the gameplay, balance, features of heroes and colors, as well as social functions, the process of receiving cards, rating mode, observation, and the campaign will be tested. However, as it is known, tournaments, drafts, and training mode will not be available at the current state of beta testing. Also, cards, decks, statistics, etc. will not be transferred from the previous version of the game. Therefore, every player will have to start from the very beginning. Players are not prohibited from sharing their impressions of testing Artifact 2.0, broadcasting, and publishing matches. Soon, we will be able to see some of them and rate the game.

Artifact is available on PC only. As we can see, Valve is currently working hard on reloading the game since gamers have harshly criticized its balance and monetization system.