Batman Arkham City Skin Cheat Code

Looking for a new Bat-suit? Here's how you can unlock all the skins or suits in Arkham City.

It’s over a decade since Arkham City was released by the Rocksteady Studios. While it is an open-world game, it also uses several stealth-based mechanics. Given the nature of the vigilante/superhero Batman, the game involves several gadgets and costumes. You need to complete the entirety of the single-player campaign to unlock these bat costumes. But is there a way to quicken this bat deal? Apologies for that bat-pun. Here’s our guide on the skin cheat code for Batman Arkham City.

Arkham City Skin Cheat Code

There is a cheat code that allows you to use all the Batman’s obtained skins and costumes. Head over to the Main Menu and hit the Left, Left, Down, Down, Left, Left, Right, Up, Up, Down buttons in order. As you press the buttons correctly, you will get an audio confirmation. Now you can select any of the purchased or obtained skins before completing the single-player campaign. Activating this cheat code will allow you to access any of the skins from the beginning of the game.

arkham city skin cheat code
Image Source – FragStudiosTV on YouTube.

If you are a vigilante crime-fighting in a place like Arkham, you might need these Bat-costumes to flex on criminals. So, mentioned below are all the Batman skins:

  • Batman
  • Animated Batman
  • Dark Knight Returns
  • Year One Batman
  • Earth One Batman
  • Sinestro Corps Batman
  • Batman Inc. Batsuit
  • 1970s Batman
  • Batman Beyond Batman

While the Batman Inc. Batsuit can be downloaded for free, you need to purchase the other Batsuits to obtain them. You can get the Sinestro Corps Batman by purchasing the Green Lantern Blu-ray edition. The other bat suits can be obtained only for the players that have purchased preorders.

That’s all on the skin cheat code in Arkham city. If this guide helped you, check out our dedicated section for Console Commands to get several freebies and rewards right here on Gamer Tweak.