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ARK: Survival Evolved Genesis Hidden Base Locations

Just Relax a bit

ARK: Survival Evolved Genesis the new DLC has a mammoth amount of content and with tons of players in the game, it can make it hard to find a perfect place to build your own base. Hidden bases allow you to have peace of mind while you go monster hunting or just want to relax a bit. This guide will show you the hidden base locations in ARK: Survival Evolved Genesis.

ARK: Survival Evolved Genesis Hidden Base Locations

The new map is vast, and you can lose track of where you have set up camp if you are looking for a quiet place in ARK: Survival Evolved Genesis, then look no further.

Northeast Location

14 LAT, 71 LON

Here you will find a cave, and inside you can see that there a lot of room near the corner of the cave. You can make structures here and you can also get the security of being enclosed from all four sides.

North Location

17 LAT, 60 LON

You will have to go underwater, but through here you will find yourself the perfect spot to nestle in and build your own secret base. This does give out a supervillain vibe and that’s why we love it even more.

18 LAT, 60 LON

Go straight to the bottom to find another great spot for your base, not only you can make structures here but if you find a spot that can cover the view from the top you will almost be invisible to raiders.

Southwest Location

66 LAT, 22 LON

This snowy mountains, make it the perfect spot to camouflage your base in the midst of snow. The uneven terrain makes this place even harder to find and you will always have the upper hand against the raiders as this gives your tactical advantage.

74 LAT, 31 LON

Find a place inside the mountain or if you want to be a bit adventurous you can also go a bit higher towards the skybox. The higher ground should give you added advantage and make it clear for you to spot the raiders if in case anyone comes around.

East Location

38 LAT, 77 LON

This is another supervillain sort of a place but there are hardly a few alternatives to finding a base in the midst of a Magna Biome, there are places within the mountain that make it suitable to build bases without anyone noticing.

These are some of the hardest to reach places in ARK: Survival Evolved Genesis and make them some of the perfect places to build your own secret base. Make sure that you check out other guides on ARK: Survival Evolved Genesis.