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Chinese Clone of Rainbow Six Siege Was Closed

Area F2 Got Closed

Studio Qooka Games, which was at the center of a lawsuit initiated by Ubisoft last week, announced the closure of the servers of its mobile shooter Area F2.

Recall that earlier Ubisoft filed a lawsuit against Apple and Google on the basis that Area F2 is available in their digital stores, in which almost every aspect of Area F2 was copied from Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege.


However, judging by the announcement of the developers, the claims of the French publisher are not connected at all to the closure of Area F2. Maintenance of the current version of the game is terminated in order to improve its quality.

In particular, the authors noted a high learning curve, due to which many dropped Area F2 within half an hour after the start of the game. Qooka Games is not ready to keep developing their game with such problems.

Qooka Games said that they are responsible for this, and long discussions have shown that this problem requires large-scale, in-depth adjustments, possibly even a complete revision of the design.


Area F2 used a shareware model. That is, it was free but contained microtransactions. After closing the servers, everyone who bought something in the game for real money can request a refund.

The fact that Qooka Games (the studio belongs to the Chinese Alibaba Group) tried to make some money on the creation of Ubisoft is not surprising. Rainbow Six Siege is one of the most successful online shooters of recent years with over 55 million unique players.