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Are Zelda And Link A Couple In Tears Of The Kingdom?

Curious about Zelda and Link's relationship in Tears of the Kingdom? Read along to find if TOTK shows them as a couple or not.

Players have always been curious about Princess Zelda and Link’s relationship, and after the game’s new installment Tears of the Kingdom, the curiosity has risen. Is there anything in this game that defines their relationship? If yes, then what is it, and are they really in love, or is it just something platonic? We have got answers to all these questions, so keep reading to find out.

What is the Relationship Between Zelda and Link in TOTK?

Are Zelda And Link In Relationship In TotK
Image Source: Gamer’s Little Playground on YouTube

Tears of the Kingdom has very few scenes of Link and Zelda together, but that doesn’t mean there was nothing. If the makers did it intentionally or unintentionally is unclear, but a video from the famous YouTube channel Gamer’s Little Playground shows that Zelda lives in Link’s house. And to support this theory we can see them compare Link’s house in BOTW and then in TOTK, where in the new game, a girl named Karin tells Link “Ms. Zelda still isn’t back”. This was the first indication of Zelda living in Link’s house and their relationship.

Now, going even further, we see that there are Zelda’s Journals in that house. One of them is placed on the study table in the bedroom, suggesting she was using the table. You can find her second one inside the well. When you go to the bottom of the well, you see a study area. Here you will see two indications; first, there is Zelda’s Journal on the study table, and second, there is Zelda’s crayon picture.

But confirming Zelda and Link’s relationship based on these proofs alone isn’t enough and saying that they are a couple can be a bit extreme. So all we can say is that, no matter if it’s romantic love or something platonic, they do share a special bond.

Hopefully, this was able to satisfy the curiosity of ZeLink shippers and answer the question about if Zelda and Link are a couple in Tears of the Kingdom (TOTK). Since you find the game interesting, you should check out our Zelda TOTK section.