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Archero Tier List (February 2023): Best Heroes, Weapons, Abilities, Pets & Armor Sets

Archero Tier List: All best heroes, weapons, pets, abilities and armor sets ranked.

In our Archero Tier list, we have ranked weapons, abilities, heroes, pets, armor sets, and equipment in the game. Archero is a mobile game that does not give you a second chance when you die. The only option that you will have is to start all again. So, if you want to stay alive and eliminate all enemies, you should know which weapon, armor set, pet, and equipment are the best for your heroes. Before we introduce you complete tier list, let me tell you that this tier is entirely based on the player’s experience.


Best Archero Tier List

Archero Tier List 2023 (February) – Best Heroes Ranked

Since Archero has plenty of heroes to choose from, it has become a tedious task to select the best one. For the unversed, the game has both free-to-play and pay-to-play heroes. When a player starts the game, he or she is given a character named Atreus. Players will have to shell out Gems, Coins, or real money to unlock more characters. If you are having trouble finding the best heroes in Archero, don’t worry; we have ranked all heroes:

Tiers Archero Heroes Tier List
S Tier Shade
S Tier Sylvan
A Tier Helrix
A Tier Ayana
A Tier Ophelia
A Tier Ryan
A Tier Meowgwik
B Tier Onir
B Tier Phoren
B Tier Rolla
C Tier Taranis
C Tier Bonnie
D Tier Urasil
D Tier Shari
E Tier Atreus
NA Lina

Best Weapons

Unlike heroes, Archer mainly has seven weapons to choose from. Since all weapons have unique stats and base attacks, choosing the best one is tricky. If you are having a hard time choosing the best weapon in Archero, don’t worry. We have divided weapons into three-tiers:

Tiers Archero Weapons Tier List
S Tier Gale Force
S Tier Stalkerstaff
S Tier Brightspear
A Tier Death Scythe
A Tier Brave Bow
B Tier Tornado
B Tier Saw Blade

When it comes to Co-Op, the tier Archer weapon tier list is a bit different.

Tiers Archero Co-Op Weapons Tier List
S Tier Gale Force
S Tier Brave Bow
S Tier Tornado
A Tier Saw Blade
A Tier Brightspear
B Tier Stalkerstaff
B Tier Death Scythe

Best Armor Set

There are six armor sets available in Archero. Making it easier to rank all Armor sets, we have divided them into three tiers:

Tiers Archero Armors Tier List
S Tier Bright Robe
S Tier Shadow Robe
A Tier Vest of Dexterity
A Tier Phantom Cloak
B Tier Golden Chestplate
B Tier Void Robe

Best Pets and Spirits

Those who often play Archero must know how important a role a pet plays when it comes to taking advantage of the Wingman ability that protects players from taking damage. There are six pets, aka Spirits, in Archero; each has strengths and weaknesses. Similar to weapon and armor sets, some pets are slightly better than others. Making your work easier, we have ranked all pets into three tiers:

Tiers Archero Pets & Spirits Tier List
S Tier Laser Bate
S Tier Flamming Ghost
A Tier Noisy Owl
A Tier ELF
B Tier Scythe Mage
B Tier Living Bomb

Best Abilities

In Archero, ability plays a significant role because it rewards characters. The only reason why tons of Archero players are having trouble finding the best ability in Archero is it contains more than 15 types of abilities.

There is no denying that it has so many abilities, but not all are the same. Some abilities are way better than others, so we have created the Archero ability tier list for you. In this tier list, we have ranked all abilities in Archero, with Tier 0 being the best to Tier 7 being the poor.

Tiers Archero Abilities Tier List
S Tier Extra Life
S Tier Rage
S Tier Multishot
S Tier Front Arrow
S Tier Ricochet
A Tier Invincibility Star
A Tier Wingman
A Tier Slow Projectile
A Tier Dodge Master
A Tier Attack Plus
A Tier Crit Plus
A Tier Speed Plus
B Tier Agility
B Tier Dwarf
B Tier Crit Master
B Tier HP Gain Aura
B Tier Strong Heart
B Tier Spirit Blaze
B Tier Speed Aura
B Tier Spriti Freeze
B Tier Crit Aura
B Tier Attack Boost
C Tier Giant
C Tier Through The Wall
C Tier Shield Guard
C Tier Water Walker
C Tier Bouncy Ball
C Tier Piercing Shot
C Tier Diagonal Arrow
C Tier Headshot
D Tier HP Plus
D Tier Attack Speed Boost
D Tier Smart
D Tier Holy Touch
D Tier Dark Touch
D Tier Bolt
D Tier Freeze
D Tier Blaze
D Tier HP Boost
D Tier Grace
E Tier Fury
E Tier Blazing Star
E Tier Frost Star
E Tier Toxic Star
E Tier Bold Star
E Tier Poison Touch
E Tier Spirit Bolt
E Tier Spirit Poisoned Touch
F+ Tier Blazing Meteor
F+ Tier Frost Meteor
F+ Tier Toxic Meteor
F+ Tier Bolt Meteor
F+ Tier Fire Strike
F+ Tier Frost Strike
F+ Tier Toxic Strike
F+ Tier Bolt Strike
F Tier Death Bomb
F Tier Circles (Fire, Bolt, Toxic, Freeze)
F Tier Swords (Fire, Bolt, Toxic, Freeze)
F Tier Death Nova
F Tier Shadow Clown
F Tier Summon One-Eyed Bat
F Tier Spirit Multi-Shot
F Tier Spirit Front Arrow
F Tier Rear Arrow
F Tier Side arrow
F Tier Side Arrow
F Tier Chilling Blast

That’s everything you need to know about Archero Tier List for weapons, heroes, pets, abilities, and armor set. For more Tier Lists, check out our linked articles.