Archero Tier List: Best Heroes, Weapons, Armors and More

Archero Tier List: All best heroes, weapons, pets, abilities and armor sets ranked.

In Archero, figuring out the optimal build of weapons, armor, abilities, etc along with the best characters can take some time. The roguelike mobile RPG takes you as a lone archer on the quest to defeat endless waves of enemies by simultaneously stacking up skills and abilities. And since dying in the game will make you start all over again, you might want to have the best of everything while defeating those never-ending hordes of enemies and boss fights.

There are several heroes, weapons, armor, etc for players to choose from, each with their unique stats in the game. So if you want the best of everything the game has to offer, then here is an Archero Tier List with all of them ranked from best to worst.

Archero Tier List – Best Heroes Ranked

Archero Hero Tier List
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Before going any further, it is worth mentioning that this tier list is based on entirely our experience and can differ from your playstyle and gameplay in Archero. There are quite a few heroes in the game and while some are free, others need to be unlocked by paying real money. With that being said, here is the hero tier list for Archero with each of them ranked:

S TierWukong
S TierShade 
S TierSylvan
S TierBlazo
S TierOphelia
S TierMelinda
A TierHelix
A TierShingen
A TierLina
A TierAyana
A TierBobo
A TierRyan
B Tier Taiga
B Tier Taranis
B Tier Rolla
B Tier Shari
B Tier Bonnie
B Tier Elaine
C Tier Atreus 
C Tier Aquea
C Tier Iris
C Tier Gugu
C Tier Onir
C Tier Stella
C Tier Urasil

Archero Tier List – Best Weapons Ranked

Here is a list of all the weapons ranked from best to worst:

S TierAntiquated Sword
S TierDemon Blade
S TierExpedition Fist
S TierGale Force
S TierStalker Staff
A TierBrave Bow
A Tier Brightspear
A TierTornado
B Tier Stalker Staff
B Tier Death Scythe
B Tier Saw Blade

Archero Tier List – Best Armors Ranked

Here are all the Armors ranked from best to worst for you to choose from:

S TierBright Robe
S TierShadow Robe
A TierVest of Dexterity
A TierPhantom Cloak
B TierGolden Chestplate
B TierVoid Robe

Archero Tier List – Best Pets And Spirits

Pets and Spirits play an important role in your campaign and here are all of them ranked:

TiersPets & Spirits
S TierLaser Bat
S TierFlaming Ghost
A TierElf
A TierNoisy Owl
B TierScythe Mage
B TierLiving Bomb

Archero Tier List – Best Rings

Here are all the rings in Archero ranked from best to worst:

S TierLion Ring
S TierDragon’s Ring
S TierBull Ring
A TierSerpent Ring
A TierWolf Ring
A TierVilebat’s Ring
B TierFalcon Ring
B Tier

Bear Ring

Archero Tier List – Best Lockets

Here is the best lockets tier list for Archero:

S TierAngel Locket
S TierCounterattack Charm
S TierAgile Locket
A TierPiercer Locket
A TierBloodthirsty Locket
B TierIron Locket
B TierBulletproof Locket

Archero Tier List – Best Spellbooks

Here are all the Archero Spellbooks ranked from best to worst for you to choose from:

S TierArt of Combat Spellbook
S TierArcanum of Time
A TierIce Realm
A TierEnlightenment Spellbook
B Tier

Arcane Adventure

Archero Ability Tier List – Best Abilities Ranked

Abilities also known as skills are important powerups required to go through different levels in Archero. In this tier list, you will find all of them ranked from best to worst:

S TierAbilities
S TierBloodthirst
S TierCrit Master
S TierCrit Plus
S TIerExtra Life
S TierFront Arrow
S TierHoly Touch
S TierInvincibility Star
S TierMultishot
S TierPiercing Shot
S TierRage
S TierRicochet
S TierSlow Projectile
S TierSpirit Poisoned Touch
S TierWingman
A TierGrace
A TierDark Touch
A TierBlaze
A TierDiagonal Arrows
A TierBolt
A TierSpeed Aura
A TierThrough The Wall
A TierDodge Master
A TierGiant
A TierHP Boost
A TierSpirit Blaze
A TierFury
A TierSpirit Bolt
A TierSpeed Plus
A TierShield Guard
A TierHeadshot
A TierHP Plus
A TierSpirit Freeze
A TierCrit Aura
A TierAttack Speed Boost
A TierAttack Plus
B TierAgility
B TierAttack Boost
B TierBlazing Meteor
B TierBlazing Star
B TierBolt Meteor
B TierBolt Star
B TierBolt Strike
B TierBouncy Ball
B TierCircles
B TierCrit Master
B TierDeath Bomb
B TierDeath Nova
B TierDwarf
B TierFreeze
B TierHP Gain Aura
B TierPoison Touch
B TierRear Arrow
B TierSide Arrow
B TierSmart
B TierStrong Heart
B TierSwords
B TierWater Walker
C TierSummon OneEyed Bat
C TierToxic Meteor
C TierFire Strike
C TierToxic Strike
C TierToxic Star
C TierFrost Strike
C TierChilling Blast
C TierSpirit Front Arrow
C TierFrost Star
C TierShadow Clown

That’s everything covered in this guide. If you find this guide helpful, check out our dedicated Tier List section for more, right here on Gamer Tweak.