Arcane Odyssey Best Warlock Build

Check out this guide to know how to create the Best Warlock Build in Arcane Odyssey.

Looking for an overpowered Warlock Build in Arcane Odyssey? If yes, then you have just arrived at the right place. As we know, there are several Stats in this Roblox game such as Vitality, Magic, Strength, and Weapons. Having a perfect combination of any 2 of these stats will get you the character build of your dreams. Apart from this, a Warlock Build is what you should not miss as it comes with a mighty blend of Strength & Magic Stat. That being said, here’s how you can make an ideal Warlock Build for yourself.

Best Warlock Build Guide in Arcane Odyssey – How To Create

Best Warlock Build In Arcane Odyssey
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As mentioned above, a Warlock Build is created by combining the Magic and Strength Stats. Now, your Build can either be mostly Strength-focused or Magic-focused. It completely depends upon you which stat should be prioritized the most. Further, here’s how you can create both Magic or Strength based Warlock Builds in Arcane Odyssey:

Magic-based Warlock Build

As the name suggests, this Warlock Build is created by mostly investing in Magic Stat. You need to spend almost 60% of Skill Points on Magic Stat. While the rest of it can be used to enhance Strength.

Strength-based Warlock Build

In order to create a Strength Warlock Build in Arcane Odyssey, you should invest at least 60% of Skill Points on Strength Stat. After that, you can invest the remaining SP on MagicStat.

  • Also, please keep in mind that while creating a Build, you need to spend at least 40% on each Stat. Whereas, you can not spend more than 60% on either of the Stats.
  • With that out of the way, you can also create a Build that may go as – 50% X Stat, 40% Y Stat, and 10% of Z Stat. This will allow you to enjoy a little benefit of the 3rd Stat as well.
  • For your reference, in the above example, X/Y refers to Strength/Magic Stats. On the other hand, Z can be either Vitality or Weapon.

That covers everything about creating the Best Warlock Build in Arcane Odyssey. Meanwhile, you are here, you can check out our other guide on Arcane Odyssey Codes right here on Gamer Tweak.