Arcana Tactics Tier List 2024

Here's a quick guide on how to reroll in Arcana Tactics.

Arcana Tactics is one of the fastest-growing strategy RPG, which has numerous heroes to recruit and modes to explore. The only drawback of this RPG is it does not let you control or choose the desired heroes. The only thing that you can control in Arcana Tactics is Arcana cards.

Arcana Tactics Reroll Guide

If you are new to Arcana Tactics then I highly recommend rerolling Arcana cards rather than heroes. The only reason why we are urging you to reroll Arcana cards is rerolling heroes requires you to shell out in-game currency that can only be contained by completing missions, events, and challenges.

Arcana card, on the other hand, can be summoned by the paid currency or Arcana summon tickets that you can easily get by the dev team, events, or login bonuses. That’s the reason why we advise you to reroll Arcard cards only because it is rarer and difficult than heroes.

Notably, you would not get a single 5-star hero by rerolling but there are chances that you will get 5-star tarot, card, or Arcana by rerolling in Arcana Tactics.

If you don’t know how to reroll in Arcana Tactics then follow the given steps:

  • The first thing you will need to do is complete two chapters in the Campaign Adventure Mode to get the Arcana function unlocked. Once unlocked, the Arcana Summon tutorial will commence, giving you a free pull. There are two Arcana cards but you will have to choose one.
  • Once you are done completing the tutorial, go to your in-game mailbox and claim your Arcana Ticket. Spend those tickets on Arcana gacha. Make sure to watch a video before you spend tickets on Arcana gacha. To know which Arcana card is worth aiming for while rerolling, make sure to check out the following reroll tier list.
  • Once you obtain the top-tier Arcana cards, continue to play the game. If you have not yet got the top tier cards and willing to start all over again then you can do it by going to the settings. There, you will have to search for the ‘Account’ tab and then on the reset button.

Arcana Tactics Reroll Tier List

In our Arcana Tactics Reroll Tier List, we have ranked all top Arcana cards that are worth rerolling in the game. Without any further ado, let’s check out the Arcana Tactics reroll tier list:

  • The Devil Arcana – Top Tier
  • Judgment Arcana –  Top Tier
  • The World Arcana – Top Tier
  • The Fool  Arcana – Top Tier
  • The Tower Arcana – Top Tier
  • Justice Arcana – Top Tier

These are all tops six Arcanas that we recommend to reroll in Arcana Tactics. All Arcanas we have mentioned above have their own ability and specialty. If you don’t know what they are known for then check out the following list.

  • The Devil Arcana – It increase CRIT DMG
  • Judgment Arcana –  It increases HP
  • The World Arcana – It increases ATK Speed
  • The Fool  Arcana –  It increases the CRIT rate
  • The Tower Arcana – It increases the Physical Defense and Magica Defense
  • Justice Arcana – It helps you by dodging basic attacks coming from the enemy

The best thing about these Arcanas is they affect all the heroes on the battlefield and not just the particular class or type of heroes. However, if you don’t find these Arcanas worthy of rerolling then check out the following 5-Star Arcanas:

  • Strength Arcana – It increases guard rate by 20/30/45% for swordsman against basic hits according to the number of swordsmen (2/4/6)
  • Hermit Arcana – It reduces the damage taken for all heroes.
  • Wheel of Fortune Arcana – It activates when 2/4/6 archers are active on the battlefield. It also increases Physical attacks for archers by 30/40/80%.
  • The Sun Arcana – It activates when 2/4/6 warriors are active on the battlefield. It also increases the chance to activate unbending will by 40/65/100%.
  • The Hanged Man Arcana – It activates when 2/4 rogue is active on the battlefield. It also increases the chance to activate the backstep effect of rogue heroes by 55/80%.
  • The Star Arcana – It increases the Physical and Magical attack of all backline heroes by 25%.
  • The Death Arcana – It increases Damage dealt with monsters by 20%

Arcana Tactics Heroes Tier List – All Top Heroes Ranked

In our Arcana Tactics Heroes Tier List, we have ranked all top heroes based on the Korean Server.

  • Soul Bow – Tier 1
  • Vampire – Tier 1
  • Trainer –  Tier 1
  • Warlords – Tier 1
  • Archangel – Tier 2
  • Durendal – Tier 2
  • Ifrit – Tier 2
  • Elime – Tier 2
  • Dragon – Tier 2
  • Knight – Tier 2
  • Fist – Tier 2
  • Bounty Hunter – Tier 2
  • Moonlight Knife – Tier 2
  • Swordmaster – Tier 3
  • Dark Lord – Tier 3
  • Dark Wanderer – Tier 3
  • Falcon – Tier 3
  • Ascetic – Tier 3
  • Puppet – Tier 3
  • Wind Spirit – Tier 3
  • Valkyrie Black – Tier 3
  • Dream Painter – Tier 4
  • Hellbringer – Tier 4
  •  Goodhand – Tier 4

That’s everything you need to know about Arcana Tactics Reroll and Heroes Tier List.