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Genshin Impact: Araesha Riddles Answers (Festival Utsava Guide)

Here are the answers to Araesha's riddles in Genshin Impact.

Araesha in Genshin Impact is an NPC that asks you some Delicious Riddles, of which the answers can be tough. There are three of these questions, their solution includes two food items and one resource material. So without further ado let us check the answers to Araesha Riddles in Genshin Impact and where to find them.

Araesha Riddles Answers in Genshin Impact

genshin impact araesha riddles answers in festival utsava

The three riddles that Araesha will give you and their answers are:

  • Riddle-1: “Round and Red and good to eat, it hangs on a tree, moist and sweet.”
    • Answer: Apple
  • Riddle-2: “It exists in dreams and no other place, a must for Festival Utsava space.”
    • Answer: Viparyas
  • Riddle-3: “There are stars in the sky and it is on the land. Stars cannot see the sun, and it doesn’t love the sun either.”
    • Answer: Starshroom

Once you answer all the questions Araesha will befriend you. It also gifts you the item Araesha’s Flower. Araesha won’t ask you these riddles back to back rather you have to answer them individually. So answer a riddle then trigger the conversation each time.

Make sure you have all the above-mentioned resources in your inventory before talking to Araesha. Here is where you can find each of these resources:

  • Apple: Commonly found on trees in Mondstat.
  • Viparyas: You can find it in the Vanarana area in the Sumeru region.
  • Starshroom: Go to the Underground Mines of The Chasm to get them. You can also find these mushrooms in Sumeru.

This is a world-type quest that gives you the following rewards for completion:

  • Mora: 20000
  • Adventure EXP: 150
  • Primogems: 20
  • Araesha’s Flower: 1

Where to Find Araesha?

where to find araesha in genshin impact

You can find Araesha in the Vanarana region of Sumeru.

  1. Fast travel to the Statue of Seven – Dendro in the Vanarana region.
  2. Next, go to the point marked on the map above.

Here you can see Araesha, talk to them and choose the above foods and materials as the answer to the respective riddle.

That covers this guide on the Araesha Delicious Riddles Answers for the Festival Utsava in Genshin Impact. If you need more help with the Sumeru region be sure to check our guides on how to find every Dendroculus, Tighnari best build, and how to get Sumeru craftable weapons.